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  1. When will the site be updated with the specifications on the new guns?
  2. Beretta Urika has trap models and sporting model along with field. They also come with shims to make the gun fit you. Being gas operated it will have less felt recoil over inertia.
  3. BEST choke out there is terror tube choke .655 at www.surecycle.com
  4. They are junk. The highest quality choke tubes out right now are terror tubes and they are made by the same people that make the sure cycle systems. www.surecycle.com
  5. They are out there and for sale. Not many but they are.
  6. strubedog

    SBE or SBE2

    SBE2 = $1200 at a dealer that sells a fair amount of them
  7. It has been updated, yahoo
  8. militec is the way to go with the inside chamber, it is a dry lube used by our special forces a little of that on the rails is all you need rem oil jells in cold temps
  9. strubedog

    Benelli 2004

    I was told the website would be update on January 1 with the new 2004 models. Where is the update?
  10. I shot both guns at the D.U. Festival this past year. Teknys has less recoil and I got "Face Slap" from the Benelli. Both are good guns though.
  11. In the event you didn't know, Beretta owns Benelli. The Teknys will by far reduce recoil over a Benelli for the fact that it is gas operated versus the inertia operated Benelli. The self cleaning gas system on the Beretta is for all practial purposes just as reliable as the Benelli. (unless you submerse it in water) The Teknys sporting weighs 6.5 lbs without the mercury reducer in it and 7.3 with it in. Even with it in it weight less then the M1. All the ones you mentioned are good guns, if you ever pick up sporting clays etc.... you will be happy you went with the gas
  12. I was looking below at all of the 2004 features for the SBE and the M1. Does anyone know of changes for Berettas shotguns? I imagine they will do something since they are doing a lot with their Benelli line.
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