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  1. i agree with mgspencer, if you are goose hunting with the 3-1/2" shells you probly have on cold weather clothes, it shouldn't kick to bad with the extra clothes on , and who cares if the feather are flying anyway,
  2. i bought a benelli turkey choke, an hammer a 25# tom last spring , i worked great with #5 copper shot,just about took the birds head off,at about 24yds.. my first turkey also .... i think that the full choke would also work as well , maybe not quite as good so for out though
  3. blindhog, they don't, i wanted to get a beretta but no left handed versions... i got the sbe benelli, i love the gun...
  4. toddcaddy, so it doesn't sound like you have performed this yet? are you scared? i am ,,,, i don't want to mess up my spendy sbe, it took me way to long to save up for the gun... i am going to think about it a little bit longer and wait till crow season is over then maybe i will do the surgery???//
  5. Toddcaddy, did you try to shorten the length of pull on your sbe? i would like to try it and i think that i can , i just don't want to regret it... i have a 20ga. side by side that has a trigger length of pull of 13-5/8" and i can shoot very quick to the shoulder, with no hang-ups on clothing, now my sbe i get it caught on my jacket all the time and it seems like the birds are a long ways out when i do finally get on them... i really want to shorten the stock!!!! let me know your thoughts on the idea?
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