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  1. tj

    Nova Recoil Pad

    How does the recoil pad come off the nova???? thanks
  2. Cabela's and Mack's Prairie Wing carry them.
  3. i for one am eager to find out how they will perform.
  4. he got a Nobel prize for that!!! its almost just an isolated insedent
  5. Benelli offers different sized recoil pads for the NOVA 20ga. Check the website and find a dealer who knows what hes talking about and you'll be able to get a longer pad. hope it helps!
  6. Are the recoil pads from the SBE II interchangable with the NOVAs??? thanks
  7. DO USE action cleaner. Its great way to remove everything (dirt, oil, spent powder,....) from inside the reciever. good luck
  8. tj

    Increasing LOP?

    Thankyou for the quick response tucker301, but I need to adjust the length of pull not the drop. The shims supplied are used to adjust the drop. I have a SBE. Thankyou
  9. tj

    Increasing LOP?

    Anyone know a place where I can get some sort of spacer (between the stock and the recoil pad) to increase the LOP? Thanks guys
  10. good choice. myself and other family members have been hunting coyotes for years with .223 i shoot a remington 700 BDL VS (pre 1996) that my father bought new for my when I was 15. its a great gun. the price of coyote fur has been on a steady decrease but we used to make enough money to pay for all fuel and reloding supplies used through the winters hunting and even the occasional new rifle. excessive tearing is not as common in coyote fur as it is fox so they can take a lot more energy (in some cases even remain on their feet and keep running) a .22-250 is a great gun for
  11. I would not recomend Win Experts. Tear one open and look at the shot and it will give you nightmares for a week! In the five shells I tested there was not a single even remotely round pellet and the ones were closest to being round were all hollow. They looked a lot like welding slag. Plus there is no water resistance what so ever and the pellets have that real dark grey color steel gets and it wipes off on every thing. They also have that bad metal smell like metal factory has. I have examined many steel shot loads and these are by far they worst. Their only advantage is the price.
  12. by extended i mean tubes that extend beyond the muzzle of the barrel. when it comes to aftermarket tubes, i am a big fan of briley's extended tubes. only the new benellis (SBEII, M2, ect) have the new crio systems and yes they have been lengthened inside the muzzle so it is a similar consept. there are also exteneded tubes for the crio systems which, in theory, would produce even better patterns with steel but yet to see any tests. hope it helps
  13. Modified (M) But I have found that Extended tubes provide fuller paterns (LM), (M) and (IM).
  14. Dont use use rem oil on your benellis. Dry-based lubricants can gum and slow the actions. I know this from experience. Hopes WeatherGuard Oil (in the BLACK bottle) works great in cold temps and the Hopes 9 (in the ORANGE bottle) works good in all conditions. Do you use an action cleaner or brake cleaner when you degrease the action? If you dont then use it and brush (or q-tip) to scrub the rails that the bolt rides in. Also, when degreasing the action make sure to degrease and lighty oil the inside of the magazine and its spring. Make sure your magazine spring is still true to its
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