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  1. I am in agreement with this post. If I needed a 3" gun I would choose the M2. I see nothing of any real magnitude gained with a Vinci.
  2. Don't remind me. I had one of those left shooting Xtrema1's. I had a very bad experience with that gun and Beretta Service or shall we say lack of it. To make a long story short I got rid of the gun. I haven't considered buying any Beretta product since. My SBEII shoots dead on and is a pleasure to hunt with. I must say that I've handled the Vinci but am not impressed with it. With all the hype given to this gun I was expecting alot more than I've seen and I am disappointed. I for one will stay with my SBEII.
  3. hunter1

    Vinci ship date?

    Handled a Vinci in Max4 at my local Cabela's store last week. Personally I'm not impressed. The Vinci didn't feel any better than my SBEII and it was just as ugly as pictured and I really don't need the super takedown feature. I'm not buying one.
  4. Hopefully you find a shell catcher for the gun or you may not be welcome at some trap clubs. Nothing like hitting an expensive trap gun or shooter with your empties.
  5. hunter1

    SBE not firing

    Have you checked the bolt recesses in the barrel to be sure there is no residue in them? This could be the problem as the gun won't fire if the bolt can't lock.
  6. hunter1

    The new Vinci

    I checked out the Benelli videos, the specs and the rest of the advertising plus the price of the Vinci in my area and came to a conclusion. That conclusion is I'm not impressed. In my opinion the Vinci has no real advantage over the SBEII that I own presently and as a result I won't be buying one.
  7. No matter how many times I look at this gun it just doesn't get any better. I'm disappointed. Good luck to Benelli with this gun... I think they'll need it.
  8. hunter1


    I like the engineering ideas but wish the Vinci was a little more stylish like the SBEII. Personally I think there was way too much hype for what I'm seeing. I'll stay with my SBEII.
  9. I would give this gun a through cleaning including the bolt return spring in the butt stock especially if the gun has been soaked in the rain or snow. I'm assuming your shooting loads heavier than 3dr 1 1/8 of whatever shot size correct? My gun gave me a similar problem on a duck hunt. The gun fired the 1st shot and the empty stove piped. Had to work the bolt manually to chamber the second round. I was able to drive a short distance to a sporting goods store to a purchase a bottle of Shooter's Choice FP-10. I lubed the bolt rails with the FP-10 and worked the bolt back and forth until it movement was very smooth. Never has a problem since with the gun cycling anything. My cleaning regiment is cleaning the gun after every use and lubing the bolt rails enough to that bolt runs smooth.
  10. My apology for the miss spelling. Should have read patent I believe. I corrected the post.
  11. Novaking its a break open auto. like this but a hunting verson https://www.berettausa.com/e2wProduc...381:4100001524# After looking at this gun I must admit this is probably the new Vinci slightly modified for field purposes. Better idea than I had. Probably easier from the legal angle of patents etc since Benelli is under the Beretta LLC umbrella.
  12. Thank you gentlemen for the information. I think the Kriss type system is probably the new innovation. I'm sure there is a patient on the Kriss system that Benelli either bought the rights to use or modified the system to get around the Kriss patient so as not to pay royalties.
  13. I guess I'll have to tell everyone what's in the box. It's a clip fed SBEII with an additional belt feed attachment for the snow goose season. All the shotgun shell manufacturers are going to love Benelli for making this model. Probably next year's snow goose season.
  14. hunter1

    SBE II Recoil

    I have an SBEII with a non comfort-tech black synthetic that kicked like a mule with the factory recoil pad on it. The pad that was on the gun appears to be the same pad that is used on the wood stock models. The problem was easily solved by purchasing a Sims pad from Tom Knapp's website. With the Sims pad installed recoil is now a non issue. Wished the factory would have put a good pad on the gun to begin with.
  15. Shyda's Gunshop in Lebanon,Pa. There were 2 left. One in black with a 28"barrel and one camo with a 24" barrel after I bought mine.
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