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  1. I purchased my SBE a couple of months back and have been practicing lately with different shotgun shells trying to find the one that could offer the best shot grouping and preformance. I was wondering if someone could recommend a Brand name and the size of shot you have personally used for Duck hunting .Thank You
  2. Hi everyone, Lets not write off the pattern master so quickly. I've visited different choke maker web sites and went throught their product info, and the Pattern Master seem to be the most convincing. Most of the people I've been talking to, have just good words about it. Last week I was at Cabela's just north of Toledo and asked one of the fire arm sales person what his opinion was on the Pattern Master, he said that their store had sold 476 Pattern Master chokes last year and that the comments he's been getting were just good. What I'd like to know is, has anyone tried it, and if so ,wha
  3. Sorry I forgot to mention it was $1500 Canadian and with taxes $1700 for the 28 inch.
  4. Would anyone have a few tips on how to get mud stains off a SBE . Even after using water and dish soap there are still small stains that appear. I was told to use a brush with water and soap and that would fix it. but before doing that on my SBE I was wondering if someone could confirm that method or have a better way. Thanks for the help.
  5. I just purchased my new SBE and it's the first time I own one and I could tell, if you buy one you will not regret it. So far I've used it twice and it's very easy to take it apart for cleaning and putting it back together again. You mentioned $1800 Cdn I just bought mind three weeks ago and paid $1500 for a left handed one, shop around.
  6. bulls eye


    Thanks to you all, everyone was helpfull, Well I just couldn't wait for the SBE II, I bought the SBE and indeed got the plastic carrying case, 5 chokes, a choke wrench, gun oil, a shim kit , an instruction manual , and the warranty . You guys are right the most important item in that case is the gun and I just can't wait to try it out. Thanks for the help
  7. bulls eye


    wondering if someone could give me abit of info and tell me what comes with the SBE when you purchase one . I know there is a plastic carrying case, 5 chocks , and what else Thanks for the help
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