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  1. I would look for a used Browning Citori. I recently bought a 1980 fixed choke (imp. cyl on bottom/mod on top) that I would rate a 85-90% gun for $ 425.00. Newer models w/tubes are going for $ 600-1,000 in my neck of the woods.
  2. FIB


    I have to agree with tucker 301 about the ease of cleaning with the split receiver. I seldom shoot 3.5 inch shells but like the ease of cleaning and the option to use them if I wanted.
  3. Thanks Cody for the generous offer. Unfortunately for me I already ordered one from Brownells. Thanks again...Randy
  4. I just picked up an older SBE (1999) that was missing the original magazine limiting plug (you know the one made out of metal with a flat disk on top and a dowel looking piece of aluminum). I noticed that Benelli evidently isn't making these anymore. Does the plastic model that Benelli now makes work well with an older SBE or should I just order a replacment from Brownell's?
  5. FIB

    The Famous "click"

    I sometimes wonder if the "hardness" of the primer has something to do with it. I had trouble with my SBE2 last winter FTF when using Fiochhi Gold Pheasant ammo. It was very cold (5-10 degrees F) but I lube my firearms with Breakfree CLP and haven't had other weather related problems.
  6. FIB

    What is a sbe2 worth

    You did not indicate the condition of the SBE 2 or the barrel length but I have seen them anywhere from $ $1,000-800.00. If you provide more info. I could give a more accurate price.
  7. Thanks to everyone for their responses. I bought the M1...didn't really need it but I thought it was a good buy for the price.
  8. I noticed that all new Benelli's (date marked CC) have the bolt proofmarked. I wonder why this just started?
  9. Thanks c rum for your reply. I thought it was a good deal. My computer at work has software that won't allow me to visit gun sites (it's amazing I can come here). Thanks again...Randy
  10. My local gunshop owner found a NIB M1 Super 90, Timber HD, 24" barrel, date code BS (2002 I think) that he forgot that he had. He knows that I like Benelli's and said that he would sell it to me for $ 699.00. Is this a good deal? I wasn't sure since the new M2's are out and didn't know what new left over M1's are going for. Thanks in advance....Randy
  11. FIB

    Camo finish question

    Thanks Tucker310....that is what I thought.
  12. FIB

    Camo finish question

    I have a SBE2 w/the camo finish and was wondering how you "clean" it. Do you use soap & water or do you wipe it down w/ an oily rag??? Thanks in advance...Randy
  13. FIB

    SBE 2 In Action

    Thanks Tucker 301 for posting the pic for me. I couldn't figure how to do it myself.....Randy
  14. FIB

    SBE 2 In Action

    Went pheasant hunting yesterday for a near end of the season hunt. The SBE2 did real well. I got my first triple and a double.http://s264.photobucket.com/albums/ii192/ecirandy/?action=view&current=IMG_0002.jpg
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