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  1. I picked up a wad wizzard and tested it out to 70yds the factory mod choke performed better than the wizzard. I'm sticking with the factory tubes. Good luck Brian
  2. Talked to customer service at Benelli, the new choke they sent (cyl) still does not work with the wrench. So now a new wrench is on it's way. The problem with the swivel mount on the stock, they will repair after the waterfowl season. I was very happy with coustomer service, no hassel, just right to fixing the problem. Thanks again customer service I'm going to bed, it's elk season this week! Brian
  3. Sorry, "Mudhen" I shoot better than I type- most of the time.
  4. Munhen, Yes, I checked out other swivels and the mount on my stock was to big for all of them. Uncle Mikes are pretty standard swivels. I know it sounds crude to shave the stock down but the mount was to thick. The sling was the new final approach shotgun sling. Still not sure what is up with the cyl choke, it sounds like others have had problems with the full choke. Oh well I'll deal with it when I return from elk hunting. It sounds like customer service at Benilli is aware of the problems. Brian
  5. chiro 835

    2 SBEII ?'s

    I just used the right pad, it felt pretty good and had the Gander Mt. gunsmith change the cast for a left shooter. Shims came with the gun. Now I don't have to relearn loading on the left side of the gun.
  6. I tried the wad wizzard tube and the factory tube performed better with steel from #2 - T shot / at 40 -70 yards
  7. chiro 835

    2 SBEII ?'s

    Shells are kicking forward and to the right. Never ever see the shell and no bouncing off my arm which was a concern as a lefty shooting a right handed gun. The only problem will be getting the spent shells out of the water, they pop pretty far out there...
  8. I'm hoping they send a new wrench as well. If I was not packing for an elk trip I would be more worked up. Geese flying over the house every night. Hope I get an elk early and come home to bag some honkers.
  9. I shot 2 3/4 1 1/8 feds first thing, 400 rounds not one jam. Don't see why yours should be jamming.
  10. Armoral ?? you know that stuff for tires
  11. My choke tube wrench will not work on the cyl choke ?? Called Benilli they said it was the choke and would send a new one out. It's not here .... And I went to install my new sling and the stock was too thick for the uncle mikes clip, would not close. Shaved the stock down with my knife. What is going on, do you guys test a new product. I DON'T expect to take a knife to a $1300 shotgun. "Benilli, performance worth the price"?????????? I woul like a reply from the factory. PS: what do I do with the wrench that is striped now?? PSS: Goose season opens in two weeks thanks
  12. chiro 835

    2 SBEII ?'s

    I went with a righthanded gun because it was easy to get and I was use to shooting like a righty. The saftey was swaped at gander and the spring that made the saftey too stiff was replaced at no charge. But see my new post!!
  13. chiro 835

    Camo finish

    My SBE in max 4 does seem to chip with ease...I always oiled my 835 but don't know about the max4. Keep me posted.
  14. Thanks, for checking into the safety problem. Just picked up my SBE2 thur and had Gander Mt. swap out the spring. The only comment other than the gun being great is the paint job.... The graphics are very clear but at the edges of the gun the paint is comming off. Now I don't want to sound like my barbie did'nt come with a ken doll but....Maybe use a dark primer instead of the white/cream to help hide the nicks. Also work on the paint adhesion. Yep, I know in a production situation you can't just make snap changes but check it out. I only mention this because my 835 is nine years o
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