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  1. Is there anyway to change the cast on a M1 Super90 20 gauge? My youngest son is left eye dominant so I was going to put in the SX shims (cast on) as I figured it was like my SBEII and Super Vinci however the only shims that came with the gun are to change drop not the cast. Are there any after market shims available to change the cast or is it pretty much what it is and can't be changed? Thanks.
  2. I was using 3" Estates and the second time 3" Hevi-Steel. Pretty sure the gun was against my shoulder as the second shell hung up the second time it happened. Wouldn't think it would have ejected the first shell and fired the second if that was the problem. Thanks for the ideas. I have heard that some guys have been having some problems with the Hevi-Steel ejecting. Don't know if it is because they don't crimp the shell or what. Hopefully it was just a couple of shells my gun didn't like. Think I'll be sticking to the Faststeel. Haven't had any problems so far with either 3" or 3.5" Fa
  3. The other day my sbe II hung up after the first shot. Shell was a 3 inch estate high velocity #2. The bolt traveled to the rear but the shell was hung up in the chamber. Took the gun home, cleaned it well, lightly lubed with FP-10. Next hunt and it did it again after the second shot. This time I was shooting 3 inch hevi steel #2's. First shell cycled fine but on the second, the bolt traveled to the rear but did not eject the shell. Any ideas? Maybe the shells? Just hope the problem doesn't continue. I have shot approximately 3.5 boxes of heavy loads through it without any problems pri
  4. Think you'll like the Faststeel. I switched over last year and am very pleased. A quality shell at a very reasonable price.
  5. Contacted Benelli customer service and was informed that they received my trigger assembly and sent it off UPS last Wednesday. The USPS site still says that it hasn't been received by Benelli yet. Go figure!
  6. I sure hope that is the problem. I would love for the UPS man to show up with my trigger assembly. I have never had any problems with priority mail in the past. It has always been faster, cheaper, and easier than using UPS.......except this time.
  7. Well I sent my trigger assembly to the correct address via priority mail last Friday. Purchased the delivery confirmation and according to the USPS website, it hasn't been received by Benelli yet. So much for 2-3 day delivery. I knew I should have overnighted the darn thing. Hopefully it shows up at Benelli shortly. I haven't even shot the darn thing yet and teal season is coming up shortly.
  8. If you guys could provide a source for the short pad I would appreciate it. I'm not having any luck with my local dealers. Thanks.
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