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  1. i shoot winchesters, federals and remington. they kill just the same, i shot Kents for a while and heavy shot when my uncle would reload them for me, i just noticed you get alot more annoyed when you miss. and that your wallet gets alot lighter. Just as long as you hit em, they do damage. FUD decoys are great as long as you dont hunt with them.... one stray pellet into a deek, will make it fill up and seperate with water. and if you dont put a rock or a steak through them they will blow away in the field, it really sucks when your only mode of catching an expensive deek is a barbed wire fence or a dog that youve always trained to not get deeks and get birds. i know people who swear by them, but if your using them for Geese, get some Carrylite shells, there 50.00 a doz. and stackable. furthermore, geese land more often in fields than in water, unless its unsafe. FUDs make their money on the easy factor, their easy to carry, and easy to set up. but if you get the carrylites, with a masonry mixing sled, and a rope, its easy as all get out to get your deeks to the field. and on another note, alot of people have jams and alot of people have misfires. I dont know what you are doing, i have a Stoeger 2000 and i had one jam in 3 years, that was yesterday. and never a misfire, i have shot just about every round of ammo on the market, and even some exparamental rounds of my own. Either people in here exasterbate situations or they cant shoot, i dont mean to make and enemies, but if you have to shoot heavi0shot or tungston to take down a duck or a goose, then you need to get more time on the range. im a 17 kid, ive killed oer 300 ducks in less than 5 years and jsut started hunting geese, and have taken 25 this season alone. that may not sound like good numbers but here its great. i take down geese with #4(steel) winchesters, **** i took one down with #7 (steel)winchesters while i was quail hunting last week.
  2. i shoot improved modified, or modified, at everything, except trap then i shoot wide open, im a pretty good shot i shoot trap usually get like 45/50 or so, and i get alot of geese, but i dont think that the choke has much to do with it, when goose hunting, unless your pass shooting. if yu can get then within 25 yards shoot IC or C any further shoot M or IM but not F unless your shooting heavy shot or tungeston. just aim and hit, that overrides any choke
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