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  1. i shoot a sbe in iowa, where you can only use shot gun. i have tried many slugs and like the brenneke k.o. slug. 2 3/4 - 1 oz. they shoot great out of my sbe well over 100 yards. with a great knock down power. i to am a seasoned slug shooter, and by far this slug is the best that i have found , for the reasonable price. so if you are looking for a slug for your shot gun buy a box of each one and try it till you find the one you like the best. thats the best thing to do.
  2. i have a super black eagle that has the real tree camo on it and yes they could do better, turn mine over and you see the line from one end to the other,the only place mine is coming off is where i have hit it on something. but like the rest say it still kills the deer and ducks and they have never noticed the camo bad spots. good luck finding what you want. happy hunting.
  3. tj what choke would you use to shoot slugs, like the high dollar ones you use ha ha ha. see ya next week.
  4. i found one for my super balck eagle at cabelas.
  5. i found one for my super black eagle at cabelas. it was a camo one.
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