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  1. tpeter

    Rate the nova

    What the heck?! I love my Nova. It's a great, economical do-all pump. It's great for upland, waterfowl, turkey, deer and sporting! In addition, it's super easy to tear down and clean. It's tough and can take just about any kind of abuse you throw at it. Cappy, use that Nova, you'll love it. It's not perfect. You can't change the buttstock and the LOP is long. But you'll love it.
  2. tpeter

    what gun

    I harvested both a Fall turkey and a Spring turkey with a Nova 26" Timber HD camo, with a Primos xfull jellyhead turkey choke, shooting 3" hevi-shot. Photo album pic of first spring turkey on shotgunworld.com
  3. Nice shot TurkeyKrazy! Congratulations. Let me ask your opinion. Our state has several Spring seasons. I'm always in a quandry as to which season to chose. I chose a later one last year with no success. I think I'm going to go earlier this year. In your opinion is earlier better than later?
  4. ok... I'm busted! It probably was a bad shot. You know how it is when you call in the bird and your heart starts to thump and your adrenaline begins to rage!
  5. uh, yeah...!? sure about what? That I called in a turkey in the Fall? That I used a primos/hevi-shot combo? The proof was a delicious wild turkey Christmas dinner. No domestic turkey tasted better! There are two techniques for getting a turkey in the Fall: the scatter and assembly, or... using the kee-kee run shortly before roosting time. I used the latter. You probably could use the factory full choke. You have time now before Spring turkey season to pattern a combination of chokes and shell
  6. I'm not exactly sure. I would need to take it to a decent gunsmith who would be able to help me make that determination... it couldn't be too much because the butt pad would not fit back into the stock. Have you had this done?
  7. PCW, I learned my lesson the hard way this Fall. I had been pheasant hunting early in the day and decided to go turkey hunting in the late afternoon. I called one in (I kid you not! you can do it in the Fall!) to about 20 yards and got a good shot off. The turkey flapped from the impact, but then flew off. To my horror I realized that I had forgotten to switch chokes. I had left the modified choke in and had forgotten to switch to the full. I was using 3 " winchester 4 shot turkey shells. That night I went on ebay and bought a Primos extra full ported turkey choke. I also b
  8. Being fairly new to hunting I've come to the conclusion that my length of pull is shorter than the 14 1/4" on the 12 ga Nova I've had for 16 months. If I had the the 20 ga. I could simply remove a shim. However, I have the 12 ga. I'm wondering about what I can do to shorten the length of pull. Has anyone had experience in this situation? Would I have a gunsmith shave a little off the end of the stock? Would there be negative unforeseen consequences of doing so? your thoughts? thanks.
  9. robk, I purchased a nova last year. Best decision. Ever. I had previously owned an old Mossburg and a Winchester 1300. The Mossburg was old when I got it and just wore out. The 1300 was new when I purchased it and consistently jammed. I liked the looks of the Nova and had read good reports about it so I took the plunge and got one. I got the 12 gauge with advantage camo. I've used it with great success for pheasant, deer, waterfowl and turkey. I purchased a Primos turkey choke, but I think I could have gotten by with the Full that is provided. The gun is sturdy and will take
  10. love my Nova pump! I've been using my modified choke for deer hunting. A mossburg using friend is using a full choke and said that he gets better accuracy with it. Made me wonder if I should put my full choke to shoot slugs. I'm shooting Federal Power-Shok 2 3/4 slugs (el-cheapo's). Any Nova users have experience or wisdom on this? Don't have time with the short season to do patterning. Thanks.
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