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  1. We checked patterns last weekend with the M-1 and SBE, shooting Win. #5 and #6 The chokes we tried were Kicks .660, Rhino .660 and .658, Comp-N-Choke XXXfull, Briley Hevi-Shot .675 and Hastings .640. The best combo for the M-1 was the Hastings .640 with the 2oz. loads of #6, the C-n-C was a close second. The best for the SBE was the Kicks .660 and 2 1/4oz #6.
  2. I have been trying out different turkey chokes in my SBE. I have found that ported chokes shoot high and to the right. I had a Briley Hevi-Shot Turkey .675 tube that shot on center but I wanted something tighter. I tried the Kicks Gobblin Thunder .660 and the Comp-N-Choke XXXFull and both shoot high and to the right. Do you think that it is me or is it possible that this could happen. I have tried several different loads and they all shoot off center. Thanks for any ideas. Mark
  3. I just got a new barrel for my SBE yesterday and it came with a full set of tubes that I don't need. I would be more than willing to let you have one it you want. My e-mail is listed below. Mark [email protected]
  4. Here is a link to the NITRO page which has data from several diferent gun/choke combos. http://www.nitrocompany.com/pattern.htm#recommended%20shells
  5. I know this isn't the cure you are looking for but, Ebay has a couple of Montefeltro stocks listed.
  6. I am looking for a 24" left hand barrel for my SBE in Timber HD camo. My 28" is fine for waterfowl but I would like to have the shorter 24" barrel for turkeys. Thanks, Mark
  7. DiamondK

    SBE left hand

    Just wanted to say hello since I am new to the forum. After years of wanting a Benelli I have taken the plunge and bought a new SBE left hand in the Timber HD camo with a 28" barrel. I wanted a 24" barrel but settled on the 28" because the deal was just to good to pass up. Anyone out there got a 24" Timber camo left hand barrel that you would want to trade for a 28"? My main use will be for turkeys but I will use it on ducks too. Mark [ 01-09-2005, 09:24 PM: Message edited by: DiamondK ]
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