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  1. Not from South Dakota, but went to school in Nebraska. My roommate was from South Dakota & we took more than a few trips up to his folks house & primarily hunted on public land. Killer pheasant hunting whereever we went. Try checking out local public land, it worked for me
  2. All have given nice choices for shot, tubes, etc...my advice if you've never been duck/goose hunting before : practice, practice, practice. Find a range that will allow steel shot & get used to the new gun (not to mention breaking it in first) and firing steel shot (we all know the difference b/w lead & steel) just my 2 cents worth...
  3. Thanks for the reply, I'm going to try one since they retail for $69.99, but my local Bass Pro Shop has them for $44...
  4. Has anyone used the Pure Gold tube that is extended & ported? It advertises that its steel shot compatible with a modified constriction. I am looking to upgrade for better patterning at distance, but am concerned that the tube extension & porting may cause trouble when cycling shells. Any advise? Recommendations?
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