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  1. Kicks has 3 or 4 different chokes for the SBEII ,as well does Pure Gold and Rhino .
  2. Couldn`t tell any noticeable difference between the two , shooting the 3-1/2 turkey loads !!
  3. Kicks Gobblin Thunder seems to have a good pattern , I`ve got the .665 , 5`s and 4`s pattern really good through it.
  4. Mark T

    Trading and SBE II

    Camo, why sell the SBE II, I just bought one ,are you having problems with the gun??
  5. I`ve have purchased a couple different chokes. Rhino Chokes asnd Kicks have the SBE II chokes.
  6. I checked with customer service about my SBE II not being drilled and tapped this past week, and I was told they wouldn`t correct this. That they had made the change during the production run and those guns prior to the change , wouldn`t be fixed by Benelli!! I had hoped they would take care of this,but it doesn`t look that way!!
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