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  1. how does 70 sound? it is just like new. i had the gun for awhile before i bought the reducer. like i said it helped for trap and shooting 3.5". let me know. thanks.
  2. i sold my nova, but i kept the mercury recoil reducer and the bracket that it mounts in. i was thinking of selling it. if interested , let me know. they do help with recoil. i used mine when i was shooting trap and hunting geese with 3.5".
  3. mudhen, do they have one that is prefit for SBE11 ?
  4. like my post says above i used a lighter and just kept checking to see if the nut would break loose. it finally warmed up enough to break loose.
  5. you say that they are not going to make you register your guns. that's good. then you say that you wish that they would put more restrictions on handguns. that's NOT good. please keep your thoughts concerning this in canada. i am not trying to start a fight, i just do not like restrictions on my guns.
  6. i hava a foiles strait meat honker and i really like it. they do take some getting used to but he also has instructional cd's and dvd's.
  7. thats just a bunch of crap. no matter what you are into there is always idiots that try to ruin it for everyone. it makes me sick when people kill wildlife just for the heck of it. these people are NOT sportsmen or hunters they are slobs. poachers are NOT hunters.
  8. its not directly on brush part, it's on the middle of the brush, where all pieces are hooked. i use hoppes 9. maybe its because i use the same rod as i use on my rifle. copper bullets etc.
  9. has anyone found a way to keep green off of cleaning brushes.
  10. on mine i could not get it off without a little heat. i used a lighter (see above) and just kept trying it.after a short time it loosened up. i suppose it got that plastic insert warm enough that it got soft.
  11. tucker it sounds like you hunt in the same kind of weather i do. my sbeII has seen it all rain, snow, hot, cold, really cold.i love the way that she performs, however i also take good care of her. i use her hard during the hunt but i keep her clean and lubed up.( no i'm not talking about my wife.). even though i usually do it a day or two after the hunt.
  12. i used a lighter that is used to light grills with( it has a handle.) it did not take too long at all. i just kept trying the nut and finally it came loose. thanks for the reply.
  13. i know this has been discussed before. on the newer sbe11, do you need to heat nut on the end of tube to remove it.if so how much and can a guy just use a heat gun or does it have to be a propane torch?i am just doing an end of the season cleaning and thought i should oil spring and tube.
  14. just wondering why you are selling them.
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