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  1. My buddy called last-night and said he felt good enough to hunt today so we loaded up this morning and where putting decoys out before sunrise.... We got setup about the time the geese started flying and it wont long after the ducks started moving.... We where hunting some ponds farther back in the swamp today and we saw a truckload of ducks.... I dont think we had setup quite right though, all of the ducks avoided us and our two-dozen decoys somehow lol.... Also saw enough swans to fill a pickup-truck with and had a good time so if I get off work and go Saturday thats good, if not, Ive ha
  2. Yeah 10-4 glad to hear you are doing good, I am in Pasquatank-County and have been hunting Perquimans.... I got up this morning to the sound of rain, I then remembered that I did not have anybody to go hunting with me so I opted not to go and left my decoys at home and went to the truck-stop to get some coffee and BS with the boys before everybody went off to work.... Ended up going to Manteo to get some ropes and it figures I saw PLENTY of ducks along the way in ponds and stuff.... Saw a bunch of Ringnecks that I thought looked perty, some Bluebills, and some Mallards I guess they where bu
  3. Ok, thanks for the information.... My buddy got sick on me today so looks like Im going solo tommorow morning, dont plan on hunting for to long with no more ducks than are staying around (heat is killing us), and then the rest of the day gunna ride and look for new spots I guess, Ill prolly hunt till about 9:30am or 10:00am I reckon and then Tuesday Im gunna hunt hopefully, wish me luck....-tim
  4. Northeatern NC, as far as I know we cant shoot resident geese this time of year but I could be wrong, but thats what I was told....-tim
  5. After today I think Ill be looking into a set of neoprene waders soon so what kind of waders does everybody use??.. I looked at some Redhead Bone-Dry or maybe some Hodgmans, what do yall think??..
  6. Well headed out this morning at a bombing 50degrees at first-light (used the truck-thermometer on the way there).... Got my decoys put out and everything and got situated and then right as I was getting right and situated I heard some ducks fly low over my head like headed back towards the swamp.... I tried not to move cus I didnt wanna spookem so I just slowly got my gun ready incase they turned but they never did they kept right on trucking and I never even saw what kind of duck it was.... Well I heard a few more ducks off in the swamp getting up and sitting down but none came into the po
  7. Do you hunt in ponds, creeks, big water or what??.. I hunt ponds and creeks most of the times with the occasional river and bigwater.... I like the idea of not having to much junk to keep up with when hunting ponds and creeks.... I do however hunt bigwater with my buddy's sometimes and usually kill more ducks but oh well just depends on what I feel like doing that weekend....-tim
  8. Hey fellas, this is the last week of duckseason here in NC, after this week we can hunt snowgeese but dont really have a goodspot for them yet so Ima shoot ducks as much as possible before the week is up.... Even though it is gunna be 70degrees tommorow Im heading out in the morning to hit a pond in Perquimans.... A few ducks using that place so maybe they will come in to the dekes or something, dont know, but aint but one way to find out.... I think they are staying in a bigpond near a house and just pass through this pond so I intend to getem when they pass by.... Last year I hunted i
  9. I tried registering to that site and they banned my email address before I ever even logged in!!!!-tim
  10. bowhunt101


    Benelli is a good gun no dought and Im prolly gunna get flamed like you wouldnt believe for saying this BUT its not the only shotgun out there, I cant afford to shoot a Benelli like Id like to so I shoot a Remington Express Synthetic Super Magnum with 3.5" chamber and 28" Barrell.... I have never had a single trouble with it even with ice froze on the action it shot all three times as fast as I could pull the trigger.... My gun still has the factory choke in it and I kill plenty of ducks each season so I dont see a need for me to spend much more money than what I did for a gun Im just gunna
  11. Round here if it gets shot it goes in the pot!!!!-tim
  12. Awsome pictures fellas!!!! I usually for some odd reason dont really get into the duckhunting hard until deerseason goes out so my duck-season has gone perty decent to be as hot as its been.... We went monday and shot a limit of Bluebills, two Redheads, and a Pintail-hen.... We saw alot more ducks than that but didnt wanna risk shooting another bluebill.... Overall it was a goodhunt.... I intend to hit some ponds this week being its the last week of the season, going tommorow but it is supposed to be 70 friggin degrees in JANUARY, man this heat is killing me!!..-tim
  13. I shoot a factory modified choke in my Rem870 but a buddy of mine shoots a Benelli SBE and a Benelli Nova and swears by a patternmaster in both of them.... He says he has noticed a bigger difference with the patternmaster than ever before but then again he dont kill no more ducks than we do neither....-tim PS:also another fella I hunt with shoots a Kick's High-Flyer in his Mossberg835 Ulti-Mag and it throws a good tight pattern for those long-range greenheads!!.. And also from what Ive heard the Kick's chokes are a little less expensive than the Patternmasters.... [ 01-22-2006, 08:03
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