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  1. Can you please send me the photo and any links on where you can buy such a thing. I will not believe it until I see it. Thank
  2. I have been involved in self defence for 16yrs. Stick with 870 for defence any day. 100 times more reliable and no oil or reg mant. 870 by far. auto to me are for fun and birds.
  3. I have been shoot 1oz rifled slugs at paper several times a year for the last 14years. I am shooting an 870 with a improved 18" barrel with no chokes. I was told the rifled slugs work even better in the imp over the mod. Anyway, what I wanted to say was they are good out to about 75 yards. I can hit a small teenager size target from the prone position. I know my rounds drop 3 1/2 " at 75 yards. So you might want to test your drop at the range first. Outside of 50 under a little stress will be tough. Good luck.
  4. I was told the older version of the Super 90 would allow you to put an 8th round on the shell carrier for target shooting. They said the new models did away with this feature. What is the real story. Also, how can I tell if I own a new one or old one???? Can you tell by serial number or can you see the part change in the gun? Any help.
  5. Thanks I found a four round that should be fine.
  6. I just ordered teh Sure Cycles system. I hope that will solve my problems. That and cleaning. You could not have a 22 round mag tube. It would have to be supported. I don't mind if it stuck out for my shooting. I use an 870 to defend my life. My Benelli is for fun only. Thanks. I will tell you how the gun shoots if I get the item by Fri I will shoot Sat.
  7. I found a mag extention for my M1 which would give me an additional four rounds for a total of 8 in the mag tube. I know it will look dumb, but I don't care when I'm in the desert. Does anyone know where or what site I can order an extention of say 6-8-10 extra rounds?????? Thanks
  8. Thanks I read that good info. What I need is a link or site that sells mag extention that are beyond four extra rounds. I found one site for the four round extention, but I was looking for a crazy extention like an extra 6-8-10. Any ideas
  9. tymber

    ghost rings

    The rings don't. I don't think factory sights come with night sights. A couple companys make them like Trijicon. Once you know you have night sights it is the colored front post that glows in the dark. It can be different colors. The rear is usualy a line under your rear ghost ring that kind of lights up your rear circle. They are good for home defence if you don't have a front light. I am an 870 expert, but the sight a often the same. Just ask again if you need something better explained.
  10. Double thanks. I noticed my M1 would almost rust before my eyes on the top on the barrel. I keep my guns oiled, but the M1 I must oil at the range before I even get home. I guess the inside parts may have the same issues. I found the link for an extened four round mag tube. do you know where I could look at longer tubes. I know they would look odd, but who cares when you are shooting in the middle of the desert. Tymber [ 06-15-2005, 08:18 AM: Message edited by: tymber ]
  11. Thank you, I will try that. I never really gave it a really good cleaning. I will also take any other sugestion. Have you heard of any spring replacment???
  12. This is prob an old topic, but I am new. My M1 used to cycle everything (00,birdshot,all slug). Now it fails to function anything. It will only funtion full strenth 2 3/4 slugs. The gun is no fun if you can't shoot everything and unreliable for defence. I heard of others having these prob with M1s. I also heard of some spring work being done to correct this problem. Can anyone please help me???? I have access to Brownells?? Tymber
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