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  1. In support of Benelli CS and the people on this forum, i had an issue with my SBE-II a few years ago, i explained to CS that i had a pheasant hunt in South Dakota planned 14 days from the time on the phone, she said get it here and we will get it back to you. I thought there would be no way i would have my gun back and i'd be using the trusty 870. Low and behold, the gun shows up DAYS prior to my departure. I really appreciated the service and the kindness of the people i spoke to. I won't buy another auto shotgun thats not a Benelli.
  2. Engdahl

    Removing Plug

    Hello, What is the best way to remove the magazine plug. The cap holding it in is giving me some trouble. Any advice? ( On an SBE II)
  3. Can i make the action on my SBE II stay open after a single shot without loading from the magazine? like if i wanted to quickly change a duck shell that was loaded into a goose shell, or make the action stay open after the one shot while leaving the other shells in the mag? Does that make sense?
  4. Engdahl

    Mag Extension

    Does anyone know if a magazine extension off of an SBE1 will fit/work with an SBEII. I would imagine that it would but dont want to make the mistake of buying one and having it not fit.
  5. You're not supposed to use steel in a modified choke? that seems odd. Is it true? id look at my choke but it is at home in a different city. Can someone help out?
  6. Are you saying that the wire/copper brush is a bad thing to use?
  7. long distance cell phone holding is ugly...at school, dont have another phone.....have to call in evening to avoid big $$$
  8. i keep calling customer service, i was on hold for 17 minutes before i hung yesterday, i can't handle that..
  9. I tried calling three times and was on hold forever....frustrating
  10. i sent an email with a thorough explanation.
  11. No Wd-40, anyone who does that shouldnt have a Benelli. I am currently using break free oil and the formula three oil that came with a cleaning kit. I have shot alot of shells with this gun.. at least 200 rounds, 25 being 3.5". i understand about the gun being pointed weird and stuff but these were normal shots, straight out in front. i dont think i am doing anything wrong but i am just frustrated right now. I love that gun...it is just dort of disappointing the way it is going right now.
  12. i was shooting federal and kent shells
  13. Has anyone ever had a Benelli replaced due to defect/problems through warranty? I just bought my SBE II on 9/11/05 and am having some problems. It was broken in with three boxes of 3" shells. It does not cycle correctly. It will fire the first shot and then "stovepipe" the next live shell. It ejects the spent shell, gets a new one from the mag and halway ejects that one leaving it jammed in the action perpendicular to the gun. OR it will not load all the way into the action and become jammed in the action parallel with the gun in the ejection hole. AND the middle sight bead fell out, it just felll out. The main reason i am frustrated is that i paid alot for this gun and i spent the last week in canada hunting snows, canada geese and ducks and had this happen multiple times leaving me with a single shot. It was very frustrating. Has anyone else experienced these types of problems??? also, i clean the gun every time i use it. Take out bolt, action, and disassemble the bolt if it looks really bad. I need help....
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