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  1. hello gentlemen, I am shooting an r1 in 308 and am also having a hard time grouping. Ive got a Burris 4x12 50mm Euro Diamond scope with Leupold rings, Remington 150 grain core loct is the worst grouping ive tried best ive been able to achieve is with the Hornady 150 sst, interbond same grain, first shot out of a cold barrel is usually right on the money, anyone tried black hills or ballistic silvertips?
  2. I assume that also applies to the 308 for Hornady Light Magnum, just got two boxes from Cabelas and saw on the box "FIXED BREACH FIREARMS ONLY"
  3. I have the R1 in 308 and have been experiecing the same problem since I first shot it, Im not using cheap ammo either I am shooting Hornady 150 grain SST, if I dont clean my gun after about 10-12 rounds it will fail to feed. ANY HELP OUT THERE?
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