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  1. I have over 2K from my Ethos and not a mark anywhere - perhaps it is the type of ammo you may be using. Mine are all reloads Remington STS/Premier and some Winchester AA's. Does not seem to normal wear to me.
  2. Sorry to hear of the FTF malfunctions, can't say that about mine. It has been flawless have shot over 2K without any problems. Shooting 7/8 oz @ 1200fps.
  3. Nikkisdad

    Mid bead

    I am going to give them a call tomorrow, rib looks naked without the bead - I do use the mid bead while shooting just to line myself up consistently on the stock - thanks
  4. Nikkisdad

    Mid bead

    There is a hole there, use mostly for skeet and sporting clays...
  5. Nikkisdad

    Mid bead

    Help guy's, looked down my rib of my Ethos and the mid bead is gone. Is this a warranty situation or do I contact customer service. Is this bead a press fit or threaded? Looking forward to your comments to resolve this issue. Thanks Manny
  6. I need help finding a forend cap for my 20ga Legacy, bought used and the forend has a weighted (8oz) installed, good for target shooting but extra wt for hunting not needed. I looked in Numrich (sp?) could not find.....thanks for the help. Manny
  7. Nikkisdad

    Shim Kit

    Just purchased a used Legacy 20ga, the shim kit was missing, how or who can I get this kit for this great gun, I now own three.....thanks Manny
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