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  1. HaHahaha LMAO Those are two small throw blankets that we keep on the couch. I had a feeling I was gonna get some wise crack comment about that.
  2. Had a request to post some pics of my Benelli M4 with the SIDEARMOR M401 rail system. So here they are. Some of the older members should remember this set up as it was SIDEARMORS first rail system made for the M4. What I really like about the M401 is how light it is. I just didn't want a rail system that added a bunch of weight to the weapon and this is simple and rock solid. The light I chose is the INSIGHT M3X as its so light you don't even feel the weight. I really like it. Also I chose SIDEARMORS 6 shot SIDESADDLE. Thanks for looking. Mike NOTE: I shoot LEFTY... That is why my pressure pad and light are situated as such. On with the pics:
  3. It doesn't bother me at all to rehash this topic. As far as all the "beat a dead horse" posts are concerned if you don't want to discuss what somebody has posted than stay out of the thread it's that simple. Yeah he could have used the "search" feature but who cares. Anyway welcome to the forum "thefitter" As you probably already noticed this forum is no different than any other. On a good note there is plenty of helpful people here and plenty you can learn. Enjoy. Mike
  4. You can get the same smile on your face and within a week with the FFT TUBE and they return emails too.
  5. Here is the difference. A member here is trying to help us 922r guys out by making some pistons. He is not a manufacturer or corporation he is just a guy with the capabilities to make something nobody else to this point is even attempting. I am with skeeter on this. If we are lucky enough and he comes through with these than yeah we are taking a chance and WE are going to have to except the fact that they may damage our M4s or even worse cause injury to ourselves. I believe that he is going to use proper steel and put some serious testing into it first before releasing them to us. I guess time will tell. Mike
  6. panabax is offline Member Last Activity: 02-20-2010 08:59 PM I wish panabax would make an appearance and give an update on his PISTONS whether he has had time to test or not and give an update on this IMPORTANT topic to many of us. He last visited on 2-20-10 as you can see above.
  7. Its already pathetic enough living here in KALIFORNIA under the ridiculous gun laws we have I just don't need my M4 to cause me any problems. Someday I will move to AMERICA and experience the freedoms others get to.
  8. I jumped on the band wagon when NUMRICH were selling these. Everyone around here was going bananas about these. This was about 3 or 4 years ago if my memory serves me correctly. I was hoping to be able to use this tube by replacing the correct amount of imported parts with U.S. made parts but I never was able to make it happen. So I guess I will eventually go with the FFT TITANIUM TUBE since I already got the BROWNELLS U.S. made FOLLOWER. I will most likely finish it off with the SUREFIRE RAIL to be 922r complaint.
  9. What happened to this project? From the picture it looks like plenty were made. Has he posted any update since posting those pics???
  10. I share your excitement on this bro. Hope to see something soon. Mike
  11. Good points and I respect your opinion bro. But I look at it this way... The tube I have is in pretty nice condition the finish matches my M4 perfectly. Now that being said is it a FACTORY Benelli part? I can't be 100% sure but when we were buying these tubes from NUMRICH eveyone here that was getting in on these were pretty darn sure they were indeed genuine Benelli. I would beg to differ on you with the $150. And if these are only available to LE than good luck tracking one down. I am not saying I have an impossible Mag tube to find but I wouldn't sell this for less than $300. If anyone is interested in offering $300 shipped I will let it go otherwise I will just hold on to it. I believe it to be a factory tube and there is really no way to tell unless I send it to Benelli for confirmation and I don't feel it necessary. I know that if I could put this tube on my Benelli legally it would be on there over any reproduction tube but thats just me. Anyway... Thank you for all the input. I appreciate it. Mike
  12. Wow... the one I have looks identical. Like I said maybe an older member who remembers the NUMRICH one can chime in and give their opinion. Thanks for the link bro. Mike
  13. This new Red Aluminum follower is really nice. I want to thank you guys for recommending it. Mike:)
  14. It was about 4 years ago so maybe an older member that remembers can chime in and confirm that they were factory Benelli tubes. I seem to remember that everyone that got one from NUMRICH was in agreement that they were indeed factory full length mag tubes I will post a pic when I have some time. I recently checked NUMRICH and they don't seem to have any Benelli full length mag tubes at least I couldn't find one currently in stock. Keep in mind this was three or four years ago that I purchased it. Mike;)
  15. LOL... I just looked at the instructions that came with the BROWNELLS RED ALUMINUM follower and it doesn't mention the little red piece on the factory follower at all so I am glad I didn't try and put it on the new BROWNELLS FOLLOWER.
  16. There was no original packaging from NUMRICH. Just wrapped in paper and boxed up.
  17. Whats "the little extra guy" I guess what I am asking is does the one from BROWNELLS need the little red plastic piece off the factory follower?
  18. I purchased from NUMRICH a couple years ago a BENELLI FULL LENGTH MAG TUBE that was stated as FACTORY. It matches the finish perfect. I was wondering what these are selling for in todays market. I can't seem to locate one anywhere to get an idea of a fair price as I am going to sell mine. Its never been used so its essentially new since its been sitting in my safe since purchased. Thanks , Mike Here is a pic of the TUBE. Please chime in if you remember these from NUMRICH With Flash: Without Flash:
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