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  1. How do you like that choke tube , I was thinkin about getting the decoy and pass choke of of ebeay for my M1.
  2. Any snowgeese around there i want to get into some them. My partner at work lives in bells island. Seen plenty of ducks there. Bowhunt weve been mowing them down every day, they just keep coming!
  3. I have a echo and a duck commander and like both
  4. Hey bowhunt101 im in Chowan county and ive been getting a plenty of action here in the last week or so. Lots of woodies and teal seen some ringnecks,gadwall and mallards come in spurts. me and my buddie at least get or limit in woodies every time we go and we had off all last week. I went in the river or in gates Sat morning in my boat blind and saw 2 huge flocks of mallards but didnt catch there attenion. happy huntin
  5. I have recently purchased a M1 !2 gauge. I have been looking on the net for different chokes for hunting waterfowl with the M1 12 gauge. I do alot of decoy hunting but alot of the birds here arent very intersted in my decoys. I was just wandering whats the best choke for ducks at 20-40 yds with #3 or #4 shot.
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