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  1. I personally like football too, but this topic doesn't belong in the Benelli forum. Take it to ESPN.com or NFL.com please.
  2. What size load were you shooting? I have heard some similar complaints from people who were shooting really light loads, like 7/8 oz. or similar. Their problem was corrected when they used heavier loads.
  3. The only reason I put the recoil reducer in my Nova was that it will primarily be a trukey gun, and I'd appreciate some reduction in recoil if I find that it patterns best with 3 1/2" shotshells. I found it quite helpful. [ 02-06-2006, 10:44 AM: Message edited by: texismedic1 ]
  4. If you're wanting rifle-type sights I'd check out those from Tru-Glo. I just got the Pro-series (part # TG962D) and they fight nicely on the rib of the barrel on my Nova, and seem to be well made. They're adjustable for windage and elevation, and adjusted easily after installation.
  5. I used the Carlson's extended turkey choke, I found it at Cabela's
  6. Today's gunpowder burns within the first 18-20" anyways, so the barrel length beyond 24" or so is mainly ornamental, and personal preference.
  7. I also have a few RNT acrylics, and agree that they're awesome, and their customer service is second to none. I met John and Butch in Stuttgart a few years ago, and they worked my calls also. I have been so busy lately that I really haven't got a chance to see the results of the World Championships, but it's good to know that John won, he has an awesome feed call!
  8. Extra-full or turkey choke, use whichever load that patterns best in your shotgun. I used Winchester Xtended Range #5 shot 3" 1 3/4 oz loads this year, and will continue to use them. They're fairly pricey, but they patterned really well in my Bene. Try several, because the most expensive shells don't necessarily produce the best results, and you don't have to spend an arm and a leg for good turkey loads.
  9. It's strange that you have those problrms. I just bought a Nova to use as a second shotgun with a bunch of extra Carlson's chokes and they fit fine. Be sure you got the right Benelli chokes, because if it remember correctly, the crio chokes that fit the SBE don't fit in the Nova. If the chokes you bought were correct, I'd contact Benelli for a solution. Also, the spacer should have been inside the bracket mount, assuming you bought a new, factory-sealed mounting bracket. Use a piece of thick-walled garden hose, or go to the auto parts store and get a section of hose to make your own.
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