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  1. You will not be able to load shells in the magazine when the bolt is not fully turned into battery. The bolt must be at the furthest counterclockwise position to fire or load shells into the magazine. This could be caused by: easing the bolt down into position, a dirty chamber slowing down the shells entry to chamber, debris at the ring of chamber or a dirty bolt, rails or recoil spring. Regarding recoil, Extrema II with kick off is your answer.
  2. You must be referring to a SBE II. My SBE I will not cycle 1200 fps 1 oz. reloads. It will ocassionally cycle 1290 fps 1oz. loads
  3. This is want I think you want to know. I own a SBE I and a Extrema II. The SBE I has problems in dirt Goose pits with alot of dirt getting into the action. This is well known thru out our hunting club of 200 members. I have not had that problem with the Extrema II. The SBE I will not shoot light 1oz loads unless you install a lighter recoil spring. The Extrema II will. The Extrema is harder to clean, but the Extrema has much less recoil with heavy 3 1/2" loads. Assuming a clean gun, most of my jams have been from improper sized ammo. I had some Federal 3 1/2" BBB steel shot that would n
  4. I got my new carrier a couple of days ago, I'll keep you posted.
  5. "One thing to note is that when I push the Carrier (long retangular metal peice on the bottom of the reciever) in and out like when cleaning or looking at it, it sometimes sticks in the upwards position. Could that be the problem." Sounds like you may need a new carrier spring also.
  6. I called Benelli yesterday, they are sending a new carrier also. I will post up the results.
  7. I have a nick on the carrier of my 7 yr old SBE. This year I have had countless jams with the second shell on the carrier. Same symptoms We hunt in dirt goose pits, and on windy days the the receiver is filled with sand. I have always hought it was the sand. I have replaced the recoil and mag spring with a Wolff. Still problems. The nick is on the left side of the carrier when installed.
  8. Different nut for the stock, I believe the one you need to take off is 10mm. The recoil spring nut is 17mm and must be heated.
  9. I talked to Wolff, the Super 90 fits the SBE I.
  10. The trigger guard hitting your middle finger is likely improper gun fit. You will need to add length (spacers) to your stock. I'm 6'2" and my preferred length of pull is 15 1/2" most shotguns come from the factory 14" or 14 1/2".
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