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  1. Hi tucker, same thing happened to me... I was contacted and the same guy it sounds like did the same to me. Actually sent the money orders and I checked them out and they were stolen. Money grams came from over seas somewhere... Sent me about $4000... I wish he'd get put away...
  2. Makes sense! Thank you for sharing the info... You have an R1 don't you? Didn't you get some real nice groups around MOA or close to it???
  3. I am still confused about the first shot. YOu said having a well oiled barrel will cause an impact point to be different than subsequent shots. Does that mean an impact point closer to the desired target or a negative impact point? I am getting the impression I should leave my barrel a little dirty so it will be more consitant??? That doesn't sound right????
  4. I have a question. I know in theory it would be nice if every bullet hit a single hole @ 300 yards, but help me get this straight... If I shoot a mule deer or whitetail at 300 yards, is the first bullet going to drift or is it subsequent bullets that may drift.... If one is a good enough shot, what is the bid deal? I know for competition shooting it would be a bid deal, but for hunting, I don't see the problem unless we are talking about the first shot, possibly the second...
  5. Shepherd

    R1 Trigger

    How much was the 300 wsm???
  6. Thanks Tucker301. Always glad to see you post. Do you own an R1 ??? If so what caliber and how does it group for you? Thanks
  7. Don't forget the limbsaver recoil resonator thing... It is a little gadget made by limbsaver that acts like a dampering agent on the barrel of any gun. Many folks swear by it... Plus it isn't loud and expersive... I got one but haven't tried it yet...
  8. haah.. Talk to him... I guess I never learned the language. hahah... I may just do that.. The thing is i am in need of about 350 yards... I'm kind of new to shooting and am wondering if a 30-06 is good at this range as well as the gun. I can hit fairly decent so at 300 + yrds. I do pretty well, just wondering if the gun and caliber are up to it? What do you think garren? Been awefully tempted to go with the browning just to make sure....
  9. Not bad, just not sure of... If I knew for sure the thing could group 1 inch at 100 yards, I'd keep it. Some people say they do, others say they don't.....
  10. So you think it is more you than the rifle? (I don't mean that disrespectful)
  11. I've seen it. I would be bragging if it were me...
  12. Hello all. I have a question. Do you think the comfortech guns have better accuracy than the original R1's... Reason I ask is it seems everyone with accuracy problems were shooting the wood stocked R1's.... I have only heard about good MOA's / Sub MOA's with the comfort tech stock.... Please feel free to post. Be blessed.
  13. Shepherd


    So after bore sighting I should get one shot on the paper. Step #2 is shoot different ammo? Or am I missing something???
  14. Absolutley, wouldn't be much good without it.... As I am new to this, wouldn't the bolt mechanism for a 30-06 still work for a 300 win. mag? As I understood it, the only thing you can't do is go from long action calibers to short action calibers or say I have a 30-06 I can go 300 win mag, but I can't convert to 300 wsm or any of the short action calibers.... Does this make sense?
  15. Wondering if any of you have switched barrels and how did it work out for you. Aslo I found a guy that can get the barrels for $450. Not bad compared to $550 at major retailer...
  16. Shepherd


    Looks solid in the middle, what are the other shots, random or quick fire or just off? I'm new to shooting so if that sounds stupid apoligize I
  17. Glad to hear it! Glad this gun worked out for you. I was hesitant to shoot mine. I was thinking of trading it in on a different gun, but with good reports coming from it, I may keep mine and hunt with it... THanks and good job.
  18. Do you think you could nail an elk or mule deer at 300 yrd. and kill it with a clean shot?
  19. Shepherd


    Hello gentlemen (and Ladies ) . I know several of you are into hand loading. What specific rounds, In your experience, would be the best 30-06 handload for the Benelli R1 ???? Here are the different scenarios: 100 yard shots or less Whitetail deer 200-300 yard shots deer or Elk Also , where can I get them. I don't hand load myself...
  20. North West LA... Shreveport Bossier city area.... HOw are things down south now?? What caliber you looking for???
  21. Ohh, that was below the belt. hahah
  22. Got the comfortech 30/06.... The dealer I got it from told me it was as acurate as a bolt action, I doubt it but we shall see....
  23. Yup, About 1,200! That is about the norm I've seen so far.... the 30/06 aren't any cheaper for some reason???
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