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  1. Not a Benelli but pretty dang fast for an unloaded exposed hammer pump. http://www.jspublications.net/records/TGReaper97.wmv
  2. You may want to look at the Kimber .22 1911. You can also et a .45 and get the conversion slide. I have handled but noy shot the Kimber .22 and it is a nice gun.
  3. Picked up the M2 yesterday in Timber and can't wait to go shoot in the morning. I have never had a shotgun that fits me so well. I can look at a spot and then close my eyes and through up the gun and it is right where I was looking. I hope it shoots as well as it feels.
  4. There are a couple on gunsamerica http://www.gunsamerica.com/guns/976673854.htm
  5. I have just gotten rid of my Mossberg 835 and want to replace it with a quality gun. I still have a couple of 20 gauges and a 28 ga O/U but I want a good all around gun. It will be the go-to for Turkey and ducks. I looked at the Beretta Extrema and Urika and then the Benelli SBE, SBEII and M2. The M2 camo with 26 inch barrel fit me perfectly and feels a lot better than the others. I have been thinking that 3 inch shells will do anything the Roman candles will do especially with the newer lead-substitutes. How does the M2 handle the real light loads? How well do the squishy parts on the stock
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