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  1. Is Benelli CS referring to the rifled slug barrel or the smooth bore field barrel that they are having quality roblems with? I've read in some other posts that guys are experiencing problems with their new slug barrels due to a vendor quality issue.
  2. Can anyone shed more light as to why Benelli switched suppliers for thier slug barrels and IF they are tying to use the same supplier that Stoeger is trying to use. I no longer have my Stoeger, but when I did, their CS department told me that the slug barrel supplier was having quality problems and didn't knwo when their barrels would be available either.
  3. The M2000 has the potential to be full of problems depending on when it was manufactured. Read the Stoeger forum to see what types of problems that gun has. Or, you could ask me. I can sum up my experience in 1000 words or less.
  4. Benelli switched vendors for their slug barrels too??? I'll bet that they are trying to use the same vendor that Stoeger is trying to use. To make a very, very long story short, I used to have a Stoeger M2000. Their vendor was so unreliable, Stoeger bought the gun back. I still don't know if Stoeger is selling any slug barrels for the M2000. I bought an SBEII with a slug barrel in the spring of '06 and didn't have any problems with cycling shells. Did your gun smith say when Benelli switched vendors?
  5. I believe that the misfire problems all occur with the slug barrel (see my post in the Stoeger forum). If you'd like to know the details of the problem and what Stoeger is doing for me, let me know. I just bought an SBE II and can't wait to take it to the range.
  6. Can someone tell me the differences between the Montefeltro and the M2? I know the M2 is available with Comfortech but aside from that, what are the differences (comparing the Montefeltro to the M2 non-comfortech)? Is there a slug barrel available for the Montefeltro?
  7. I'm considering purchasing a new Benelli but I'm on the fence about buying a SBE II or an M2. I've read quite a bit about the SBE II jamming and finish problems. Does the M2 have the same problems? Other than the 3 1/2 inch capabilities that the SBE II has, does it have any advantages over the M2?
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