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  1. imajeep

    3 vs 3.5

    Sometimes when my benelli is loaded with 3.5's and i see one duck flush in front of me..... just before i pull the trigger, i ask myself... is this really going to be worth the punishment? and every time, that has been followed closely with a loud -BANG-
  2. imajeep

    3 vs 3.5

    ive found there to be a fairly substantial difference. Of course thats an opinion and we all know how those are.. But heres how i see it, and yes i'm likely full of crap! Because of the payload advantages, i figured that i could drop to size 2 instead of 4 and have the best of both worlds, (lots of pellets and energy) from my experience, the 2's fly farther and hit harder too, so thats my explination for taking the occasional longer shots.. crap or not, my kill percentages went up substantialy, as did the pain in my shoulder, and the drop of cashflow leftover in my wallet... --- now im back to 3's for the regular ducks, but the geese get 3.5's and so do the turkeys.. i also like the 3.5's when jump hunting ducks, at longer ranges, when they are headed away
  3. everything you say makes sense, i'm just worried about eating Raman noodles for 2 months to pay for it.... somehow i will have to justify it...
  4. Central Maine had the worst year ive ever seen! with the 15 xtra inches or so of rain, that we got during the early fall, the ducks were so spread out into the woods, it was difficult to hunt the "natives" the migrators werent Horrible, but with all the xtra flooded places, they werent hitting the regular spots. everyone i know had a slow year.. my 2004 season, i guess i killed close to 120 but in 2005 prob. only 65 it was rough.... the geese though were a different story:) James From Maine
  5. --- IF WE KILL IT, WE EAT IT--- But seriously, we kill a lot, so ill admit by january, we're pretty tired of eating duck and deer and moose 5 nights a week. so every year in the early spring...(doing it right now) we cut up all of our left over frozen duck breasts and hang them on the top rack of the oven at 200 deg. untill VERY DRY... then they go in baggies with about 10 in each, for dog training treats, and hunting treats, and "good dog treats" --- Yes It all gets eaten one way or another... and "Gunner" really appreciates the snacks. James From Maine
  6. First off, the only benelli that is in my price range, is a nova, in black.... but i already have one BUT I'M BUYING ANOTHER! --a little background first.. I am a die hard ducker... with a minor in goose and turkey.. i just put a SBE on layaway, with a wood stock. i think synthetic would be a better choice for waterfoul, but it's 899 because they are making room for the SBEII.... should i continue with the purchase, or upgrade to the SBEII and spend the 1300? is the chryo actually worth the difference? does the comfort tech actually help? will i forever be satisfied with the SBE? this gun will need to last at least 15 years, with about 1800 rounds put thru it each year(the 1187's dont do that!) ------------------will i be able to shoot the light 2 3/4 shells for skeet?------------------ thanks for your input... James From Maine [ 03-06-2006, 06:43 PM: Message edited by: imajeep ]
  7. imajeep

    Grizzly man

    "SMACK" now dont you do that--- he says... that smack should be a canoe paddle on his head.... i think as a child, his hair caught on fire, so his mommy tried to put it out with a ball pien hammer! -sgt. Brown & -Mr.Chocolate
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