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  1. tone loc

    Up For Grabs

    !!!!!!!Forced to sell!!!!!! I have an 11707 under 100 rounds fired, original stock, telescoping stock, Eotech 512 A65, Spectre CQB 3 point sling, Pelican case model 1720. All for sale as package or will sell seperatly. All Items were bought in brand new condition and have very minimal use on them. None of these items are posted on any other site. Wanted to give you guys first dibs if anyone is interested. Must sell so make an offer on package or individual items. Did not want to do this but I'm trying to buy a house and could really use the cash to unload some credit card debt. If nobo
  2. Went through a M4 craze after buying the gun and getting on this forum to witness just how ridiculously awesome this gun is and could be. Pieced it together and have to say I am going to be very sad to see it go but shopping for a house and need to reduce the credit card debt a little. I know..... What a shame.
  3. I have a Benelli M4 11707 with a telescoping stock, original stock, EOTech 512, Spectre CQB 3 point sling, and a pelican case. All of it will be up for grabs but wanted a little feedback on value of the merchandise.
  4. I am trying to purchase one of the Socomguys full length tubes but I can't find his email anywhere and was having problems registering on the AR-15 forum. Is it possible to order one of these without being registered on that page? Any help would be appreciated. These full length tubes look NICE!
  5. That came out sweet. What did you cut the foam with to keep the clean edges. I was just worried about screwing it up and making it look like ****. Looks good though. I guess now I have to try it!!!
  6. I've done a little research on the cases as I too have been searching for a good case. The Pelican 1720 or 1750 look like the best cases to go with in my opinion. Should fit your 45. without any problem.
  7. I contacted Pelican about a custom fit case for the M4. They do not have one but did say they could create a foam insert if I traced the exact size and shape of the M4 and sent it to them. Just haven't had the time to do it yet. If anyone is interested let me know.
  8. Thanks. I finally called them after reading this post. Been meaning to do it since I found that I was supposed to get the included chokes. Benelli customer service was very helpful and told me they would be shipped right away.
  9. I too am fairly new to the group and have only had my M4 for about 2 months. The Shootist in Murrieta Ca. really bent me over on the price but it was the only M4 I could find in a 100 mile radius. Most of the dealers I called almost laughed when I would ask them if they had a M4 available. So I bought it and after learning on these pages that I too was supposed to get the interchangable chokes, I had come to realize that I didn't get any of these chokes that everyone had mentioned. I guess contacting Benelli will resolve this issue for me. I have immediately started to accessorize My M4 a
  10. Thanks , I have been looking for a while for a page that sold exactly these items.
  11. Think I'm leaning toward the Larue
  12. tone loc

    EOTECH mounts

    I've been pricing quick release mounts for my EO and wasn't sure which one I should go with. It's hard to estimate how much I want to raise the EO off the top of my M4 without buying one and trying it. Any recomendations would be much appreciated.
  13. Could be very possible that it is fully auto. But it still shows an impressive cycle time!!!
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