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  1. Have no experience with O/U, although I have ordered the Condor Comp. but it has not arrived. I do have first hand experience with the Baikal SxS (Spartan) and the Stoeger SxS. I would expect the O/U would have the same comparisons. They are both about the same in that they are a good buy for the money. The Spartans have tougher Russian springs. It is common for a person to have to break new Russian SxS's over their knee at first to open them. They do loosen up with time. The Stoegers open better from the start. In my opinion the blueing on the Stoegers is prettier, but Remington is ma
  2. I started out as a child deer hunting. Dad and I didn't start duck hunting until I was grown. Boy we were missing out. I still go deer hunting on opening day most years. After that I just duck hunt. It's WAY more fun than freezing in a deer stand trying to stay still and quiet the entire time.
  3. I've used a Stoeger side by side for cowboy action shooting, and I've also killed a turkey with it. The Uplander is an affordable side by side that would make a great pheasant gun. If they can stand up to cowboy shooting then pheasant hunting is no problem. Fit and finish for the price is awesome. Actually you will find that in all Brazilian made arms, whether they are Taurus revolvers, Rossi lever rifles, or Stoeger shotguns.
  4. I was the same way, but for my club dues, I want to take advantage of everything they've got, so I just bucked up and asked for help. Everyone was new once, and I didn't know the first thing about how the trap counters and machines worked. They have been nice about showing me what to do. I have still yet to work the skeet houses or sporting clays stations, but I'll get around to it. Don't worry about not hitting targets, that's part of learning. There are some good books out there about shotgun sports. Singles trap is the simplest and easiest to learn, but most say skeet is easier to
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