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  1. Don't make the mistake I did. I opted to buy a less expensive gun than the benelli. I bought the winchester super X2 similar to the browning gold. In the worst of times it would not shoot. It would cycle ok and then not fire. I had a authorized dealer look into the problem but could not fix it. So I ended up selling it and buying the benelli SBE and love it. My point is that a less expensive gun can actually be more expensive in the long run. If your going with a semi auto you have to pay the bucks for a benelli or you'll be sorry. If you don't need a semi-auto a remington 870 is hard to beat
  2. I recently bought my SBE so I have a question. What is the other side of the choke tube wrench used for? It has a notch in it so I assume it's for something but I'm not sure for what. Thanks.
  3. That really stinks. I had mine put away for about six months but it was fine when i took it out. Did you possibly put it away when it was cold? I'm thinking maybe it was condensation when it warmed up to the inside temp.
  4. Do I need to do anything with the spring inside the stock? Also when you mean clean the magazine your specifically talking about cleaning the magazine tube right? Thanks btw.
  5. I'm a proud new owner of a SBE. I got a great deal on a brand new one for $795. It may not be the SBE II but a major improvement over my winchester SX2. My question is how do you properly oil the SBE. The manual didn't specify how to oil or clean it. I want to do it right.
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