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  1. I have a 9mm Springfield XD that is matte black and the slide will rust if I look at it crosseyed. The matte black finish is not as complete as glossy blue and the type of metal under the blue will also play a factor. Some are more prone to rust than others. I found a neglected Mossberg barrel in the closet when I was moving and it was covered with dust and spiderwebs and only a couple of splotches of rust. I picked up a cold blue at the gunshow that doesn't smell like rotted possum sweatsocks like "normal" blue and it removes the rust without damage to the surrounding blue when applied
  2. I polished the chamber area where the brass would engage the chamber walls during expansion. There were a lot of machining rings that originally felt smooth to the touch but a series of 400 & 800 emery cloth followed with some buffing with JB bore paste and then hooking a wire chamber brush up to a power drill and setting it loose in the chamber seems to have helped. I used a spend shell that would not come out without tapping from the muzzle end as a test part. I buffed until it slipped out with little or no effort. Bottom line is now it cycles just fine with all the 2 3/4 shells I
  3. The Nova should be around. I bought the same thing in a Super Nova a couple of weeks ago.
  4. I think it may have more to do with either the lugs or the headspacing. It seems very hard to turn in by hand with some shells. I am testing it with used ones that would have been expanded or otherwise altered by firing to try to replicate what happens on extraction. I might do a buff on the bolt as I think it is just a bit snug. My bolt head is black where I have seen some that are shiny. Don't know if that means anything. It is very close whatever the issue is.
  5. I recently pruchased a Super Nova with the 18 inch smoothbore barrel. While shooting several different brands of slugs it has a tendency to jam up with the faster (at least the box says faster) rounds. I have to grab the forend and slam the butstock down on the floor sharply to get some to open. There is a nice pulled up spot on the rim from the extractor claw on those rounds. Slow rounds like Brenneke Low Recoil Home Defense, Remmington Slugger's don't have any issues and no claw marks. I tested some shot shells with the bolt and barrel free of the receiver and found there is a va
  6. Other than the fact that Brenneke has a quality problem, completely unrelated to the Benelli, you like the Super Nova? So far yes. The shells in question are made by Kent for Brenneke. I got some at a different store that are RWS-Rotweil and they were 100%. It does look like the chamber had a plastic coating from the factory that my inital cleaning did not remove. I swabbed it with Acetone and maybe the issue will diminish. I have heard from another source that the Brenneke's are prone to stick in the chamber.
  7. Hello. New member here. I just bought a Super Nova with the 18 inch smooth bore barrel. I mistakenly bought several boxes of Brenneke KO slugs to try out. First shot no extraction and broke the rim with the claw. Once it came free the same thing happened twice more. Switched to Winchester ammo and no problems. Went back to the store where I bought the ammo and the guy told me he had to beat a 870 for a half hour to get the shell out. He was not working when I bought them or he might have steered me to only buy one box. I have sent a query to Brenneke as it is their problem not the shotgu
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