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  1. JAS

    Dipping problem?

    Will that stuff not hurt what's left of the camo? I found some other little spots where it seems to be missing the camo finish as well. It's like that in spots all around the "groves" of the fore-end. Is this normal?
  2. JAS

    Dipping problem?

    How long do yall think it would take for them to fix it? Where could I pick up some of this clear poly sealer? What would I look for (name wise)? Will it not hurt the finish at all?
  3. JAS

    Dipping problem?

    Here are some pics...
  4. JAS

    Dipping problem?

    Well, I looked at my X-mas pics (when I got the gun) and it looks like it was like this when I first got it. So, the sling is off the hook. We called our local gun shop where it was purchased and he said the guns he has up there now are like this. We can't get over there to verify until this weekend. How would I go about getting this taken care of? What is Benelli's email addy? Or is it better to do over the phone? Thanks.
  5. JAS

    Dipping problem?

    So, I'm taking it that this "flaking" is not normal?
  6. JAS

    Dipping problem?

    Those of you that have dipped gun that use slings: Is the dipping coming off where the sling attaches at the end of the magazine tube? I'm not talking about where the swivel attaches (where normal wear would take place) but rather half way up the part (no clue what it's called) that goes to the actual barrel? This is a Nova that's only been used for the past month and has had a sling used maybe 4 times out.
  7. JAS

    Cleaning dipped nova?

    Thanks. Do I need to worry about getting anything on it? I've heard deet will harm the finish...anything else to worry about?
  8. I recently recieved a new Max 4 nova. I was wondering what the best stuff to use to clean it is? What is safe to put on the outside of it without fear of it damaging the finish? Thanks.
  9. They have some for ducks as well as for dove. Interesting.
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