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  1. I have decided after much thought I want an M2 with a wooden stock. I have a Benelli SN in Max 4, A Beretta 391 Syn and a Browning Cynery in 28Ga for quail/dove. I want a gun that will pretty much be an all around. I have a Stoeger 2000 wood. I added a limbsaver pad and a better sight and I have not had any problems with it at all. Just want the actual real thing. I know some will say be happy you have a cheaper one already. But the ID is different and the fit and finish should be a lot nicer. My question is I have searched and the lowest cost on the M2 is about 1k is this normal or shoul
  2. I bought a Cynergy Classic Satin in 28 Ga for 1400.00 out the door they have a special on them now and a 500 dollars worth of goodies they send you. My 2 cents.
  3. Benelli Super Nova I love this pump! Period. Tim
  4. On CNN They had a reporter following Mike Huckabee and his entourage on a pheasant hunt. Everyone wanted to know what kind of gun he was using. He said its a Benelli SBE and he owns several. heres the link.. http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/12/26/huckabee.hunt.ap/index.html?section=cnn_latest#cnnSTCVideo Gotta Love it! Video is about 13 mins long the gun question is at about 7 1/2 mins to 8 1/2 in the film. He also bags a pheasant. Tim
  5. farmer_tim

    Nova ?

    I spent the extra and got a very nice and pleasing to shoot gun. It's work the extra. Tim
  6. Now I know for a fact he was working at Burger King! LOL Actually Butch who works there is an avid hunter and is a big shot in the clermont county sportmans club which has a huge park-acreage type place with range lodge etc. I tried to talk her into the remington super magnum but she didn't like the black. The gun looks pretty solid and for the money it was on sale at 229 on par with a express magnum. Oh well see. its one of those things if it works out kewl if not well not out alot.. as for me my next purchase will be a BUL but thats a few months away. Tim
  7. I got a SN on sat 489.00 at Dicks Max 4HD. I kept the 2000 and on a side note and not a Benelli. My wife was with me. She found a gun she liked a HR Pardner Pump 12ga 28in 3. In APG Camo for 229.00 and she went home and put 50 rounds thru it and no problems. The salesman at Dicks said it was a good little gun and she likes it. Now she wants to go hunting too. LOL why did she like the pardner it was "pretty" LOL too funny. Tim
  8. farmer_tim

    Nova ?

    I just picked up a Super Nova this past sat. The Nova does 3 1/2 the ones I looked at did and it seems to not have the rattle on the forearm. The SN has a few features that are different the comfort tech for recoil reduction, the built in comb and shim kit. I looked at the nova but for basically 100 more i got the recoil reduction and a few extra features. If you bought the nova and added the recoil reducer and the bracket retail was right around 110.00 Its a personal choice. If you won't be putting alot of 3 1/2 inches thru the nova you can get by without it or you can buy a
  9. Well I thought about that too. I have not even put it together yet. I bought it one day when at Dick's and it was on sale. Then I got home read comments reviews etc. To be honest I have been leery of using it, even giving thought to selling it. But I have read more and more good things and I guess this weekend I'll take it out of the box break it down clean it well and then put alot of rounds thru it. Going to be cold and snowy give me something to do. The other worry I have is waterfowling and the wood stock, could warp it or ruin it. Just saw a thread on the Super N
  10. I am looking to buy a pump either a Nova or Super Nova for waterfowling. the cost are about 100.00 difference and I could go either way. I guess what I am wanting to know is it worth paying the difference for the SN. I will probably be getting this gun nice and dirty alot. I had narrowed down my choice to the benelli's after reading mixed reviews about the Rem 870 super magnum. The other question is would you go with the Syn Stock or Camo I am looking at the Max 4 HD. I just want a good gun that will go bang bang bang when I need it easy to clean and the finish isn't
  11. I know we all have opinions but i am looking for an all around gun. Semi Auto and I mainly hunt upland birds and have been thinking about waterfowling and I do the turkey now and then. Any thoughts on which benelli would be best for me. Barrel Length etc? A few things factor in. I am disabled due to injury while on the job as a ff/medic. I have a bad shoulder but I am able to shoot etc. But weight sometimes effects me in both shooting and carrying the gun around. Thanks in Advance, Tim
  12. I have a condor and it is great for pheasant hunting. I have owned it about 5 years now. No problems. But for waterfowl i'd go with a nova or the stoeger P350 it handles magnum loads if you are a goose man. I own a 2000 also I bought it mainly for turkey hunting, can't complain its an ok gun. But had problems with misfire if using anything but federal ammo.
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