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  1. how do you like it?? what did you pay for yours?
  2. Chip67

    I-12 info

    I have one that I am selling only becouse I wnat a 3.5 mag capability it has performed great never a problem. Its black sn not camo.
  3. Sorry to hear about your accident, but just becouse you got up early and hunted all day, that is why you were tired. Do you snore are you getting good sleep most people dont I had the smae thing happen to me and found out i had obstructive sleep apnea and had some surger to fix it much better now. Be safe and you might want to speak to your doc. [ 11-11-2006, 10:12 PM: Message edited by: Chip67 ]
  4. I just saw one for sale but the site does not have anything about it and the cordoba 20 ga. QUESTION does it come with a 30 inch barrel I saw it with a 28 I want one but want the 30 in for SC
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