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  1. I was hunting the other day and I let my friend shoot my SBE as he is in the market of picking one up. We were shooting 5 shot down a MOD choke. Having a good time and he was impressed with it so I thought let him get a KICK so I threw him a 3 1/2 turkey load and wamo rocked his world....I was laughing so hard!!!!! He decided once was enough if not shooting at the turkeys so we went back to 5 shot. Then he said " Hey were is your front sight" Bummer the turkey load down a MOD choke must have broke the front sight right off. the set screw was still in I have been able to get that out. Off to t
  2. my groups are roughly 3inch with hornady sst 300 at 100 if I let the barrel cool between shots I can do better. I am still dead on at 150 also.
  3. Just because I dont know how doesnt mean that with a little direction it cant be done. My expectaions for a shotgun trigger job is different on a rifled slug gun shooting at 150 yards vs ducks at 20. If it is sarcasm you are giving Im not interested, thanks.
  4. I bought a nove w/slug barrell I have put maybe 75 rounds down the black hole. I can not tell any difference in the trigger. I would like to make it pull with less poundage. Is there something I can do, or is this a gun smith job and appr cost factor? Drilling holes now at 150 yards with SST's took awhile and several washingtons and its goodntight.
  5. Thanks for your response, I think I will try the BRI's first do they come with as sabot? Who cares about the energy...When you put a 1/2 hole in anything it will bleed out. Just might have to track it for 20 yards farther.
  6. I put the recoil reducer in the SBE and after several trips to the trap field and rabbit and bird hunts I pulled it out. I didnt like how it took the balance out of the gun.
  7. I was deer hunting this past weekend, and missed all 3 does. I do believe some was the shooter(me) but more important I am trying to stay with the Hornaday SST's. I can not get them to pattern past 50 yards. Who uses what brand and how tight are you patterns. I am looking for distance. I am shooting Nova w/Leupold 2x7x33 and cant pattern the sst. At 50 yards the first 3 shots are good after that thy start pushign to the left. at 100.....dont even ask. O and the does were between 90 yards and the farthest out was 140 yards.
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