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  1. Once you get it fixed you'll forget there are any other brands
  2. I shoot a 24" on my nova and a 28" on my SBEII. I feel more comfortable with the 28." Not sure why, it just feels like I can reach out and touch em i guess
  3. Man its nice to finally find a group of guys that have it together! DU is a joke! And its good that people are beginning to see that. Its all a bunch of gentleman hunts to them. I live in East Tennessee and our duck hunting is getting worse each year. We have two refuges within 5 miles of our best spot!! Even when the ducks do decide to migrate they can do it from refuge to refuge. I killed one mallard, one goose, and one crow this duck season. When a cold front used to blow in we'd have ducks everywhere for atleast a couple days, but now in the spittin snow we may see a couple wads and thats
  4. I shoot the cheap stuff for ducks. Winchester Xpert 3 1/2s and have no problems. Shot a whole bunch of federal 2 3/4s also with no problems.
  5. Oh okay, I would be interested in a cantilever barrel so I could leave a scope on it, but not a regular slug barrel. Thanks though.
  6. Those are crazy looking! Maybe they will make a more practical handgun someday.
  7. You guys think they will ever introduce a Benelli pistol? What do you think it would be like?
  8. Its not a cantilever barrel is it? Don't have a barrel to trade but would you be interested in selling flat out?
  9. zzdc8384

    SBE2 Quality?

    I wish!! I hunt in East Tennessee so I don't see many ducks usually. It takes nasty weather for me to have a good hunt so hopefully something will happen before the end of the month. I've killed one Mallard this year, lol.
  10. zzdc8384

    SBE2 Quality?

    I finally got to shoot some skeet with my new SBEII and I love it!!! It shot like a dream and hardly got dirty at all after 7 boxes of shells. Now if only I can get some weather and some ducks i'll see how it kills
  11. I shoot slugs for waterfowl. I rarely hit one but i havent had a cripple yet.
  12. zzdc8384

    SBE2 Quality?

    I hate to hear that people are having problems with Benellis. I just got a SBE II for Christmas, but haven't gotten to shoot it yet. If its anything like my Dad and his friend's original SBE it should be perfect. They have been shooting theres for 15 years now. My Dad's broke an ejector arm after 12 or so years and thats the only trouble hes ever had. His friend didn't clean his for 4 or 5 years until my Dad cleaned it for him and he said it was hardly even dirty! I am definately sold on the reliabilty of Benellis. I've shot my Nova for 7 years now shooting every size load known to 12 guages a
  13. Cabelas sells em for a great price. Heres the link Cabela's -- Benelli Nova Slug Barrels
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