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  1. 3 moa dot matte finish model 135 11 brightness settings with my aging eyes i need magnification
  2. I have a Burris speed dot matte finish scope for sale. I just tookl it off my shotgun and it works great. If you are interested, e-mail me. thanks, Jerry Baker
  3. they quit about a week ago we had unseasonably coldsnap was 38 this morning
  4. thanks for posting the question i have a new super nova doing the same thing and put i t away after turkey season when i have time will call benelli but i think it is some simple:)
  5. sent you a pm with m email many thanks
  6. i use comp and choke they have a great web page that tells the choke tube for shot size also that is all they make and have tested there tubes with benelli guns and you can call them and get advice
  7. yes i tried the link before i started but it did not work so if anyone will helpe with thant it would be nice
  8. thanks i do use the terra white grease on all springs i think a lot of problems with the sbe 2 are lnot being greased and oiled i got my shotgun as a gift and the first thing i did was cleaned and oil an greased ever thin 0 jams ect i would not put wd 40 or rem oil on my garden hoe i have worked on all kind of shot guns for frends who use a 50 cent oil on a 1500 dollar gun so hogwild by reading your post i thnk you are giving sound advice and will have lots of questions for you before dove and quail season but will ask them later thanks again jerry
  9. mine shoots great no problems shot win sup 3.5 cleaned and lubed with break free out of it what brand should i buy non aerosol thank you
  10. great bird how far away was he when you nailed him thank you
  11. thank you it must be a good one i use a burris speed dot and next turkey season will buy a leupold because of eye sight i am kinda over the hill but love the outdoors to much to quit:)
  12. any one have one how well do they work thanks for your idears:)
  13. try comp and choke xx full for 4 xxxfull for 5 works great with my sbe 2
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