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  1. I shoot a Nova and use the Primos Jellyhead. typical pattern is 190 in a 10" circle at 40yrds with 40-50 in the head and neck. I shoot the Win XR #6's. This combo has leveled every turkey I've shot at from 1 1/2 yards to 45 yards.(the 1 1/2 was almost self defense). I highly recommend the Jellyhead.
  2. What kind of numbers were you getting and at what ranges? Just want to know if my patterns are on par with yours. thanks
  3. 3.5" and I think that was 2 ounces of shot that come with those.
  4. I shoot a Nova with 26" barrel. Used a jellyhead choke .655 with win XR#6's. My 40 yrd targets avg 190 in a 10" circle and 57 in the head and neck. The 60 yrd targets avg 55 in a 10" circle and 16 head and neck. I shot 3 birds at 40yrds and all went down very hard. I love this combination for the price.
  5. Has anyone hunted in the texas panhandle and if so how was it. The state has a 4 bird limit so reason tells me it should be good. I've filled my colorado and Kanasas tags early this year so I wanted to add a new area to my places to go list for next year and thought it looked good down there. Thanks for any info.
  6. one more thing. check out Mudhen's patterns under the "I'm a benelli fan" post. I think they speak for them selves. Again good luck deciding.
  7. I think the advantage is that you get more pellets on target with #6's and if Hevi #6s have similar knock down power as say a lead #5 then you get more volume with the same knock down power allowing you to shoot farther. I shoot Winchester HV#6's out of a Belelli Nova with a jellyhead choke (.655). awesome patterns at 40yrds. Then I shot a turkey at 40yrds in Kansas last weekend. he never even flopped. I'm sold. Good luck.
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