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  1. Looking for a Benelli Super Nova chokes/ loads>>> I just got a Benelli Super Nova, 24"bbl I already have a Indian Creek choke, Hevi 13 3.5 2.25 #6s and the 3" 2.0 #6s too... I would like to try a 2nd choke and maybe a different load too. Obviously Nitros would be a no brainer, How bout Win Xtended?? Kicks, PureGold??
  2. Just watched the new Benelli dvd with the Stoeger and Benelli factory tours. Which models have the crio barrels, all Benellis is what it sounded like?? It did show the Stoegers getting the crome-lined barrels.
  3. Id like to hear what choke/load combos are getting good results in the Benellis. Im getting a SuperNova or maybe a Stoeger 2000. I have an 870 with an Indian Creek thats great with hevi13 3" 2.oz #6s. Thanks for the imput:)
  4. Woodhaven makes a great call..
  5. Im primarily a turkey hunter, I have both guns the 870 sps-t and the Nova. Both are great pump guns no doubt. But try the nova in camo,It will be something new for you, Im sure you wont be dissapointed, they are great guns.Good luck, happy hunting.
  6. Woodhaven, glass,slate,box,diaphrams. Dont like the mass produced calls,they sound like ****.... Get what ya pay for. Although I do have a primos boxcutter that has a great sound and the gobblerslove it..
  7. I just patterned some hevi 13 3.5#6s with the jellyhead and had excellent results, Im not able to post the pics here. They are on the nwtf board.
  8. was that with the 3" or 3.5" shell??
  9. I just picked up a Nova with a 24" barrel, Has anyone used a Jellyhead choke, what loads did you use and what kind of results did you get??
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