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  1. It should be drilled. Take another look at tje top of the reciever. Where it is drilled there will be scews or plugs in it. That's one of the selling points of the package...no messing around. This is from the SBEII page on Benelli's website... "The Super Black Eagle II uses the proven Benelli Inertia Driven® bolt mechanism that allows it to shoot 2¾", 3" and even 3½" magnum ammunition without adjustments. In addition, the Super Black Eagle II incorporates some basic improvements, such as a drilled and tapped receiver."
  2. Real cool! They are amazing birds aren't they.
  3. I ordered the Rhino .660. Did I make a wise choice, or would the JH been just as good.
  4. I have always been told that you want the wad to seperate from the shot quickly. The Federal Flight Control Wad does just the opposite? It just seems the longer that wad is there the more the shot is vulnerable to a drift. Any opinions?
  5. It comes with everyting to mount on an SBEII including the base. Just open the box, grab the appropriate tools and in five minutes you'll be ready to go to the range and sight in.
  6. Ok, I hate to beat on this topic, but I am ready to order a choke and I have narrowed it down. I have the Benelli .665 choke now, which is made by Trulok. Has anyone used either the Benelli or after market Trulok, and what did you think of it? I am leaning towards a Briley straight rifled and ported choke for my SBEII. The choke I have for my 870 is straight rifled and I peppered a bird at 48 yards with it. Has anyone used the Briley? Will it shoot the Winchester XR? I called Briley and they said that Hevi-shot can not be fired out of the straight rifled choke. Is the Win XR'
  7. What makes a one choke different from another with the same constriction? Part 2) Is the crio all its cracked up to be?
  8. My buddy has a Super X2. What chokes and loads are working in those?
  9. In addition to my question on chokes, what loads are working good. What are some good combinations to try?
  10. I'm just a bit frustrated, that does not mean that I don't love the gun. I did screw up, I should have waited another second possibly to shoot.
  11. I have the crio choke from Benelli for my SBEII. It seems to pattern ok, but I feel I can get better. Who else uses this choke. What other ones out there are better?
  12. I drove out to Ohio for their spring opener. I called in a nice long beard at 11:00 AM, my shot had to be threaded between some trees and though a small amount of brush. I shot and the bird rolled and started to take flight. This time the red dot was dead on him at 25 yards with a clear flying away shot. I pulled the trigger and nothing. The gun double fed and jammed. My first shot on bird with my SBEII and it jammed. My 870 never failed me.
  13. What I meant by recoil reduction is... When I have a rifle built the drop and comb greatly affect felt recoil, so I was wondering if installing the shims would chane the felt recoil.
  14. Has any one tried the sims recoil pad in place of the stock comfort tech pad. Personaly, I don't think the pad that cam on the gun is all too great.
  15. That manual is terrible! My $250.00 Summit tree stand came with a crap manual also, BUT it had a DVD. For $1400.00 they should give the other comb inserts, a DVD, and every shop should fit the gun to you.
  16. How do I know what drop shims to use and how the gun should fit? I spent the day shooting a variety of 3" and 3 1/2" shells and the recoil is more than what I expexted from an SBE II. Will the proper drop shim help reduce recoil?
  17. I just purchased an SBEII and the speed dot 135. The burris speed dot comes with the rings and base so you'll be all set out of the box. BTW, I love it, not only does it look cool with the matching camo, but it is by far the best red dot I have ever seen. The 35mm tube is excelent. Target acqusition is instant, whether your shooting one eye or both eyes open!
  18. After saving my money for a few years I am finally the proud owner of a SBEII. I love thie gun!!! I have a few questions for you experienced owners. 1) I alos purchased the speed dot sight for it. What comb insert would be best to get? 2) This adjustable drop and cast is a new concept for me. How do I determin if it needs adjusted? I sighted my gun with the speed dot. It looks as though the dot is off to the right of the bead/barrell. Is that just a function of vision, or is that indicative that the cast needs adjusted?
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