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  1. There is no choke that compares to the Rhino chokes. At 50 yards I am placing over 100 pellets consistintley in the head and neck. You spent for the Benelli, why go cheap on the choke?
  2. CraigL


    I think you're gonna loose the bet. Hevi-Shot at 1300 fps maybe.
  3. That is a BEATIFUL bird....congratulations! Excellent story to hear, your adrenaline must have been flowing big time!
  4. Under most circumstances I would agree that 74 yards is too risky, but when its open field that changes things. I have run down more than 1 wounded bird before. In the woods I would not even think of it. When I first started spring gobbler hunting I shot one in the woods at a long distance and the thing ran right at me. I let it go by then shot it again LOL.
  5. I tried both the XRs and the Nitro. The XRs were good, but the Nitros are spectacular.
  6. Note to self.... Do not mess with Sonnyman.
  7. If you don't like the JH get a Rhino. It's one of the best decisions I have made as far as guns go. If you want some seriously dense, tight patterns with some umph try Nitro Ammunition's triplex loads with Hevi Shot.
  8. It is! I had troubles with mine until I headed theadvice people gave me, which I gave you. Top it off with a Rhino .660 choke and Nitor Ammunitions 4x5x7 Hevi Shot shells!
  9. The minimum load Benelli says will cycle is 3 dram 1 1/8 oz. I may be off on the payload, but the dram is definitley 3 drams. You are definitley good on your load. Claen it, lube it, and shoot it, and let us know how it goes.
  10. I talked with Benelli and my gunsmith at depth about this problem because my gun was giving me periodic troubles. 1)Take it all apart and clean all of the cozmaline out of it. 2)Lube it, not too much, but just enough. 3) Grab some cheap ammo and blast (that's the fun part!)
  11. Has anyone tried this yet? I'm gonna go get one and play with it a little. I think it's time to get out the BowTech and stick one!
  12. Well, that is a long shot. I took the bird that had nowhere but field to fly, and there was plenty of time for the follow up. I would not advise most people to take a shot like that, but it's a case of no your gun and your situation. I would not have attempted that shot with my 870 or factory ammunition. BTW, Here he is....
  13. Dumped one in NY this morning at 6:30 am! 74 yards with the SBEII, Rhino .660, and Nitro 3 1/2" ammo! That's why I've been asking all the questions...PAYDAY!!!!
  14. CraigL


    That's me on the left and my buddy Shane on the right. His bird was real nics, 21lbs! We shot them at the same exact moment.
  15. I'm using the Nitros also, same results....man, I can't type my excitement!!!!!!!! I had an honest 100 pellets in the kill areas at 50 yards! Nothing like going to the woods with confidence!
  16. I've never even heard of a triple beard before!
  17. All is well. I visited the local gunsmith here who is a big Benelli advocate. He showed me what I did wrong and got me set up with the Nitros.
  18. I got a box of the 4x5x7 3.5" 2 oz today. WOW!!! At 50 yards there were more than 100 pellets in the kill zone through my SBE II with a Rhino .660. I found my load!
  19. I purchased the Rhion .660 for my SBEII and fired 3.5" XR #5's today. The pattern was a kill at 40, but not what I was hoping. From your experience with these, how many kill hits should I expect at that range? Also, will I get more kill hits or a denser pattern from the 6 shot?
  20. I sighted in my gun, but I want to make sure I did it right since a shot gun with pellets is a lot different than a rifle. What yardage do I start at? Can I use field/target loads to sight and have the same POI with the expensive loads. I have an SBEII with a Rhino.660 choke. I will be hunting with Win XR 3 or 3 1/2 inch depending on pattern with #6 shot.
  21. SWEET! What were some of the tricks you used?
  22. No doubt, thats a great pattern. When I tried them I experienced the same type of holes, almost like the shot went in at an angle.
  23. I honestly think I hit the release at some point. That's water under the bridge now, learn and move on. The first part of the scenario....missing, my bad all the way. I missed, I hate to admit to missing, but it happened.
  24. Does changing chokes change POI at all? My hunting takes me from open areas to close so I am thinking of carrying 2 chokes, 1 for longer ranges and one for those close areas. The bird I whiffed the other day was at >20 yards. (I know...Learn to shoot!)
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