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  1. Congratulations! I have yet to be able to stike a call in aggression this year, but Ohio opens on Monday and I'll be going!
  2. I just checked it out, it needs more brown for around here. Advantage Timber and APG seem like the best with Obession coming in close behind. We won't have leaf out for another 2-3 weeks, so open and brown works good, but some green is a must. AP is too brown.
  3. NW PA, SW NY, and NE Ohio. You're probably familiar a little with the area. I am only 1 1/2 hours from Orchard Park NY.
  4. I like the ooks of the new APG HD but I can't find a lot of clothes in it yet, just the grey. I also have been looking at Obsession.
  5. I use Cody calls, I especially like my Drop Dead Series slate... It sounds as bad as a real life hen!
  6. I am a edumacted pursin.
  7. In Pennsylvania we can use rifles to hunt them in the fall. One thing I can say is that under no circumstances should you use a .270. POOF!
  8. I love hunting in the rain. I put the ground bling in a field where the birds like to come, put out some decoys and wait. The other day I saw a group of gobblers and a bunch of hens out in a field during a rain storm. I pulled the truck over to watch their behavior for a few minutes. The boss was in full strut and the subordinates were trying to decide if they wanted to. I hit the call and they all answered. The hens quickly wisked them away. As they were leaving, the gobblers would pause to gobble and strut trying to get me to come and join.
  9. It'll work ok, but I would not attempt any shot over 70 yards unless it was in an open field.
  10. I have a super tatr also. I like it, but I have been looking at Ol Tom lately.
  11. I shoot that set up from my SBE 2 and it is wickedly deadly. I found the load on accident. My local gunsmith sells Rhino chokes and Nitro Ammunition. (I didn't know that he sold the chokes until after I bought my choke from Rhino and paid shipping!) I went to get the Nitro 2 1/4 oz loads from him last year because the set up shot really good for my buddy, but he was out and only had the 2 oz loads. What the heck, we went out and test shot a couple. To our amazement, especially his, the 2 oz loads patterned better at longer distances than the 2 1/4 oz loads!
  12. I'm in Anniston AL right now. Too bad you didn't post a week ago. I would have packed some camo and helped you call. I love the weather down here, it's 32 up home right now.
  13. My SBE2 only kicks with 3 1/2" shells at the range. It has yet to recoil afield.
  14. I'd be more inclined to simply use a lighter load.
  15. WOW... It fooled this turkey for a minute.
  16. My SBE2 currently is equipped with a comfort tech stock and I am really impressed with its ability to minimize recoil and allow a fast second shot with 3 1/2" shells. I am thinking of getting a steady grip for the gun. What should I expect to happen to recoil and recovery time? Also, would the custom fit Sims recoil pad improve them? Thanx for the help!
  17. I have a Rhino choke and I shoot the Nitro Ammunition's triplex 3 /12", 2 oz loads. I get over a hundred in the kill at 40 yards! It's not cheap tp shoot, but hey, it's turkey hunting!!! And that's priceless.
  18. I tried several chokes and almost every load made in my sbe2 last year. I bought some nitro ammunition 3 1/2" 2oz shells and a Rhino .660. At 40 yards we quit counting at 100 in the kill zone. I dumped 2 birds last year at 50 and dumped a field bird in NYS at 84 yards. Everyone who sees my patterns winds up going to Rhino chokes and Nitro ammo.
  19. Dude, Be careful. Some of Pennsyltukian might shoot your arm off
  20. I am also an addict and I refuse to seek profesional help... Unless it's a guide service!
  21. I'm going to Anniston, Alabama next week and I though I might level a long beard. Does anyone know of any place or guides or anything?
  22. I have a crio turkey choke and I don't like it. I went to a Rhino choke and I have never seen a better pattern at distance. I shoot the Nitro Ammunition triplex 2 oz loads. I took 2 birds at 50 yards last year and 1 at 84 yards.
  23. I shot my SBE 2 with the Fed Barnes slugs the other day. Groups are great, but when I loaded the tube and shot, the gun would not cycle the slugs. The bolt opened, but the empty did not eject. Whats up?
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