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  1. I have the same problem with broken part in the gas chamber. I've noticed it after firing first 10 rounds. Now,after 3 years nothing has been done about it. I'm useing the rifle with success but that is not what I payed 3 years ago. My model is European Benelli ARGO 30-06 and it is very accurate. As a professional outfitter I can say that Benelli R1 is very good but materials they use are not,at least some parts. Because I bought it in Croatia and it is made in Italy I don't know what to do because Italian costumer service is very bad.
  2. They are like Russian but it was in Croatia.Anyway try it,fun is great
  3. I don't any problems after 10 000 fired cartridges from Cryo 12-Rafaello.
  4. I have this rifle for 3 years in 30-06 and I have to say that is very good.I bought it because I was almost killed by brown bear in Croatia during hunting.After that I decided to buy a semi rifle for my job. What is your experience with that rifle?
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