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  1. the 15th of april and it can't get here soon enough!
  2. there is no constriction, both have wad stripping nubs that stick up in side the tube with out them they would be cylinder bore. the wad strippers grab the the wad as it leaves the barrel giving a more dence pattern and less shot string. they pattern steel like an extra full but the idea is to cut down on the shot string.
  3. any one shooting a PM or wad wizard for turkeys? i have both that i use for waterfowl, one on my monte the onther on my nova the wad wizard is a litte tighter and handels 3 1/2 shells best. both are putting 90% in a 30in circle at 35 yards with steel 3in 1.25 4's. i am looking at getting a new turkey choke but will hold off if i like the patterns they put up with turkey loads. just thought i would run it by the experts before i get another choke.
  4. what decoys are you using and what do you like and dislike about them? do you have any tips for getting the decoy to take proper shape? i have three inflatable decoys, the reason i got them is because i like how small they get in my vest and that they dont stay crinkled (spell check) whan i pull them out. but they are inflatable so if they get a hole in them they are junk. also have you seen a differance in how real/unreal the decoy looks? thanks, Jeff
  5. hevi-shot is hard, hard as steel in fact so it will perform like steel in a full choke ie; BLOW IT UP. alot of chokes say for use with lead or hevi-shot only but that is because hevi-shot used to be soft but the formula was changed to make it hard. as far as i now all other nontoxic shot (the expensive stuff) out there is soft not as soft as lead but close enough to be shot from a full choke. hevi-shot even came out with some its called Classic Double " for your vintage double". hope this helps Jeff
  6. i have a max-4 nova that is looking a little rough around the edges and was thinking of getting a camo clad kit for it, but was thinking the groves in the pistol grip and pump grip may pose a broblem. has any one done this and if so how did it turn out.
  7. from right to left hand. i am left handed and it drives me crazy trying to work the safty from a left handed shooting position.
  8. the Remington HD that i have is very soft the pellets smush flat like lead with little effert. if you are willing take a shell appart and see if you can smash a pellet. just my 2 cents:)
  9. just wandering where those of you get your steel shot for reloading. and if you can get name brand shot lIke federal ultra-shok or winchester super-X?
  10. i have herd talk of a camo dip that is very similer to dura-touch or is the same as dura-touch, has any one herd of this or does any one now how offers it?
  11. these two fell to my nova thank you Benelli.
  12. does any one know about a KICK-OFF style recoil system for the SBE II.
  13. Ducks Basin Abomination: drama queen RNT: timbre, daisy cutter, original, MVP Zink: PH-1 ECHO: XLT JJ-Lares: T-1 Acrylic Geese Bill Saunders: Original, Red Zone, GP, I-5KLR, Traffic Basin waterfowl calls: cackler/Aleutian Winglock: High Voltage i don't use them all at the same time i like to mix and match my name is SBEslayer and i have a problem:D
  14. does any one know the pellet count in a 1 1/2 inch load of steel 2's,Vs 1 1/2 Hevi shot 2's
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