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  1. I haven't ran that many low brass shells throught mine because it just does not want to load the next round. The prombelm is that the M4 was designed to handle heavy loads i'd think a persons best be would be to go find an M3 since it's pump/semi-auto
  2. Not to mention Recon it always feels like you have to put your face much lower then a normal stock.
  3. I found out any low brass shell isn't strong enought to work the action on the M4, that goes along with the reduced recoil they may have high brass on them but they won't work the action very well. So yeah anything with high brass should work.
  4. yote

    M4 for deer hunting

    I hadn't gotten a chance to take my M4 deer hunting yet but I have ran about 30 slugs throught it and it patterned very well at 25-50 yards with open sight I use the winchester super X value packs that you can get at wal-mart for 7 dollars. Just make sure your front sight doesn't come loose because mine did and a 5.5 mm wrench is not cheap at all.
  5. yote

    M4 front sight

    Thanks that work now heres another question what should I use to make sure it doesn't come loose on me again? I ask because am really afraid to loose that front sight speacialy has hard as Benelli parts seem to be to find, so any suggestions?
  6. yote

    M4 front sight

    Hello, am hopeing someone here can help me out the front sight on my M4 has come loose and am unsure what exactly I should use to tighten it I was thinking some pliers but I hate the idea of chewing up the nut...so what should i use?
  7. yote

    Tatical sights

    Hey I was just curious does anyone know what the best tatical sight you can buy for the M4 i'd like something small that I can bring up fast thanks.
  8. yote

    benelli m4 question

    All depends on what state your in I think it's best to check your local rules, I think it'd be legal as long as the whole gun is a certain lenght and wouldn't be considered concealable.
  9. yote

    M3 or the M4

    I tear it apart and clean it after each time I take it out.
  10. yote

    M3 or the M4

    I've noticed the M4 does not like low brass shells at all I was curious what type of ammo (slugs and buckshot do you all run throught your M4's thanks, I ask because i'd like to get a bit more comfortable with it before I take my fire arms trainin in the police course I will be taking. (I only use the low brace for plinking around since they come in 100 rounds for 15.00)
  11. yote

    M3 or the M4

    I went and bought the M4 today man you guys were right this gun is amazing but I found out fast it doesn't like ow brass shells but I still love it.
  12. yote

    M3 or the M4

    Sorry to bug you guys again but I been comparing the M3 and the M4 and well my heart was setting on the M4 but as I got to researching the M3 looks a bit tastful aswell. I was curious if any of you could maybe tell me a little bit more about the M3 the site has some good information but i'd like a review from a owner thanks.
  13. Well, am not sure about your gun but I like to use wolf slugs in all my shotguns with an improved choke I find them to be very accurate and very low price if you can find them, they've never failed me i've used them in my Maverick 88, Remington 870 and my Winchester 1300 camp defender. Or you could proably just go to your near by wal-mart and get a pack of the winchester super x slugs I know here their $7.95 for a 15 round box.
  14. yote

    What to get?

    Heh, well that makes perfect sense when you can go out and buy a pistol grip for an 870 or mossberg 500.
  15. yote

    What to get?

    So is there any real difference between the M4 and M2? I was also curious why is the adjustable stock only sold to the police and Military, thanks
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