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  1. I also don't have time to go through 558 posts...I have hunting to do.Where i think this choke excells is shooting the big canada geese up here in canada.I do believe the ported choke does help with muzzle jump,and yes i have tried other aftermarket chokes and i do pattern my gun extensively and i get almost 100 percent of my pattern inside a 30 inch circle at 30 yards with a ported extended patternmaster choke...and very close to the same amount of pellets distributed evenly throughout the circle. It's hard to improve on that...My suggestion to people is try it out yourself. Someone said the wad could catch on the ports...I doubt that, but if it does more power to it because that is the idea behind the patternmaster choke...the wad catches on the lugs inside the choke to slow the wad down so the pellets can travel ahead of the wad.
  2. Hey trapshooter,You come across as quite the ***hole...I read your posts all over this site and they all have the same TONE...let me write that in capitals so you understand me. Now I have a SBE2 with a patternmaster full extended choke...ported.It has been the best aftermarket choice I have made to date...I pattered my gun with this choke and amazed at the patterns i'm getting.I'm bringing ducks and geese down from alot farther than the other guys with other popular aftermarket chokes...my hunting partners comment all the time on the long shots...and killing the birds dead...I shoot relatively inexpensive 3.5 inch steel shot.I recommend to anyone to give the patternmaster a try, it is an expensive choke, but worth it. The guys say its a little loud with the ported tube but works well.
  3. i'm going to grab some other 3.5 inch shells today and going out sometime this week and i'll make a post next week on how its going.The pup is working real well...
  4. and its not the empty getting stuck, its the one coming up the pipe not going into the chamber
  5. federal steel shok bb 1 3/8 1565 fps...pretty well the most inexpensive shells but they patterned well..
  6. sbe2... sometimes the follow up shell gets caught in the chamber or ends up sideways in the chamber...anyone had that problem?
  7. thanks Tucker...i knew you had a suppressor, i just didn't know if you had a sbe2. I put on the sims limbsaver recoil pad and it works well.I also talked to mpcsports and they told me they had problems sending the mercury recoil suppressor up to canada,(it has to do with the mercury content). But at least i know which one to get now...I will have to hunt the big honkers without one for now till i can find one. Thanks for the reply...
  8. i've been loking for a mercury recoil suppressor for my sbe2 and cannot find one ....i called benelli and they said there is no recoil suppressor available for the sbe2. I then talked to C&H, and he said the 600s model that screws on the magazine cap works on both the sbe and the sbe2. Has anyone got a recoil suppressor on their sbe2.
  9. thanx for the reply..not worried about wear,just concerned with the constriction of the mod choke with the 1 3/8 steel and speed of 1565 fps...no chance of muzzle creep through time?
  10. Just purchased the super black eagle 2 ..have been shooting an 870 all my life full choke with lead,3 inch 2 shot 2 ounces for big canada's up here in canada. Just patterned it to shoot 3 inch 1 1/4 bb steel at 1400 fps,mod choke at 40 yds, in 30 inch circle. The sbe 2 patterned awesome ...in the 80+ %. I want to shoot the 3 1/2 inch steel bb 1 3/8 at 1565 fps with a modified choke. My question is , with that 3 1/2 load at that high speed with the mod choke ,through time will the choke stand up or should i go with a improved cylinder or get another style choke ?extended style.
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