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  1. Hi All, I bought the Tru Glo Pro Series magnum double dot (TG944D 5/16") for my Benelli M2 w/ camo finish and it wouldn't fit!! The vent rib is wider than 5/16" ...more like between 8 - 9 mm. I would prefer this type of clamp on type sight but I'm not about to bugger up this $1400 shot gun for a $55 sight!!! Anyone find a Tru Glo, Hi Viz or another "clamp on" type sight with elevation and windage adjustments to make up for the traditionally high shooting M2? Kevin
  2. Hi All, Intresting thread. I bought a M2 in the summer of 2007 and test pattern chokes and loads for waterfowl hunting. I moved from a 12 ga. Remington 870 Special Purpose that had a 50:50 shot pattern and was OK for waterfowl but real deadly with a MAD turkey choke and 3" 2 oz loads. When I started test patterning the M2 I was amazed at how high it shot. At 30 yards POI was 12 - 15" high with the C shim (lowest sent with the M2). Despite other threads, there is no D shim for the M2. I ended up calling Benelli and they agreed that this was too high for the gun to shoot. I se
  3. The Hoppe's # 9 seems to be one that does the job. Since my M2 is Camo'd (Max 4) I'm hesitant to use acetone. From what I understand, if bug spray dissolves the camo on Benelli's, I'd venture to say that acetone would be really bad on the finish!!! Thanks 10 Gauge but I'm staying away from acetone on my particular gun. Looks like I need to have a little more patience and Hoppe's should work. Thanks Guys!!!
  4. Hi All, I was wondering if the ability of some solvents on the market differ when it comes to removing plastic residue left in the barrel from the wad? I have used Hoppe's for years, but don't know if this solvent does the job? What have you used to remove this residue and keep your barrel polished for ultimate patterning? Thanks Kevin
  5. 10 Gauge, Good point on choke and smaller shot. I'll pick up some 6's and see how they fly. Kevin
  6. ScoutII, Keep us posted on your patterning results. Thanks.
  7. 10 Gauge, Mudhen and CH, Thanks for your advice. I'm sort of a perfectionist so your advice cuts my work down and gets me closer to a correct choke shooting my M2. Since I'm limited to 3" (which is plenty for turkey under 40 yards) and like to shoot 5's given vegetation when turkey season opens in Missouri, the .665 seems logical. If the Jellyhead flies for Mudhen, it may be a good start for me. Hearing good things about Indian Creek when paired with 3" 2 oz #5s. I've also herard the new Federal shells w/ Flightcontrol wads are working well in many Benelli's. Would like to try
  8. Hey all, Does TruGlo Strut Stopper Extreme or Primos Jellyhead make a choke for the M2 or SBEII? Is their constriction .665 or .655? I have the 12 ga M2 (3"). Has anyone done patterning for the 3" loads or is their no significant differnece between 3" and 3.5" lead loads? I'd like to try my M2 this spring and see how it pounds turkeys in comparison to my 'ol 870 w/ MadMax .665 choke. Thanks in advance. Kevin
  9. I bought a M2 this fall, 12 ga. and was impressed with the factory chokes;tighter than I expected given similar waterfowl loads I shot with my old 870 Special Purpose 12ga. This past season,had mixed results shooting mostly Federal Ultra Shock #4 and #2 1 1/4 oz 3 " mag over decoys (25 - 35 yds) with IC factory Choke. I patterned a lot of shell/shot combos (Winchester DryLok, Remington nitro steel, didn't pattern Federals) with 74% -66% patterns at 35 yds in a 30"circle with IC factory choke. Some did have some holes in the paterns. I was a little disapponted that using Federals mostly, I h
  10. I too have a 870 Special Purpose 12 ga 3" mag synthetic stock (1988 vintage) which I used for waterfowl, spring turkey and doves. Three years ago it started to falter by jamming, not feeding and hanging shells in the ejection port and it quickly turned into a single shot pump!! It was sent to Remington twice for "reaming in the chamber and replacement of shell catching tag springs. I have been eyeballing the M2 in Max 4 HD and the comfort stock. I took the plunge and purchased one this past month....Awesome!!!! During dove season..it took a little getting used to as I've been a pum
  11. Thanks for the advice Mudhen. Kevin
  12. Thanks Mudhen. I'll try to duplicate. If I sand the "B" down a little and couple with the "C", won't that give me the maximum drop? If that is the case, what sequence do the shims need to be? (Gun Stock+ B + C + DX gasket + Gun receiver?). I imagine that your sanding on the A or B will require doing away with the two guiding pegs. Would drilling these out be better to allow for the pegs on the C shim to align with the stock? Am I making this too hard??? I think your combo will work and help me center my Point of Impact to where I actually aim. Did your combo lower your point
  13. Hi All, I'm new to these forums but it seems to be filled with a lot of wisdom and help. I have recently made the jump to a new M2 Benelli (#11107). I test patterned it for the first time today and much to my disappointment, I'm shooting high. I installed the "C" shim (the lowest drop at 55mm) before shooting to attain the flattest sight along the rib and at 35 yards I'm shooting 9" - 12" high. I have gleened the forums for similar troubles and it appears that a modified "A" shim with the "C" shim lowers this effect. All the posts I've read don't go into much detail.
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