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  1. i was looking at buying a mojo but two of my huntin buddies bought one so i guess i probably won't be buying one... i was wonderin about the mallard machines though, someone told that they worked fairly well and i was wondering how they worked for anyone else?
  2. the last weekend of october was the early fall shotgun season in ky, i hunted with four other people that weekend and we all got our limits of two turkeys... not bad, now i just need to kill two more with my bow (its been pretty hard so far with the bow)
  3. I hunt public land a lot too with some of my buddies and the birds usually fly high and are hard to call in so I thought a MOJO might help me kill a few more.
  4. Does anyone use mojo decoys or other moving decoys, and if you do how well do they work and would you reccomend them? I'm looking at buying one and wanted some other people's opinions before I spent my money on one.
  5. yes they do! I knew it was thick but I thought I had a clear shooting lane, but oh well, there is always next time.
  6. Here in KY our bow season opened September 1 and I've went a few times. Once I had one about 10 yards away but it keep looking at me and I couldn't get drew back, and then this morning I shot at one about 15 yards away but I was in thick cover and my arrow glanced off a sapling. Our gun season comes in October 27 and they better watch out because the gun will shoot farther and through brush.
  7. thanks, i was hoping for a different answer that is a little easier to do... but i guess that probably is what i need to do if i want to find out what works best
  8. i shoot in the 4-H shooting sports and i was just wondering what choke i should use on trap on the 20 yard line?
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