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  1. I shoot a 26" Condor. It has been trouble-free. When new I took the stock off and flushed out the mechanism and a lot of sooty black powder came out. Other than that I just lube the heck out of it and shoot, shoot, shoot! A lot of people complain about the fit and finish on these, but maybe they have improved them, because I just don't see that problem on mine. It's definitely not as nice as a $1500.00 o/u, but it's $1200.00 cheaper!
  2. Streiff-I would take your problem child off your hands if it is a "new model". I would like to have a 2nd 2000.
  3. I shoot a Stoeger 2000 and love it. It works perfectly every time. Absolutley no problem of any kind. It fits me great and I shoot it better than my old 870. I really like the simplicity of design for cleaning. It gets used mostly for hunting every weekend and goes with me most places during the week. It has become my favorite, and I also own an old Wingmaster and an o/u.
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